May 4, 2014 - Bloodsnot

BloodsnotPresent was James and two bands that dropped by. One was a one man project. It is Giuseppe Cuozzo's new project, and it is called Redemption Revolution. He was interviewed about that, and a song of his was played. It was cool. Then all the members of the band Bloodsnot arrived. They are an all instrumental thrash band, at least so far. All six of their live tracks from their performance at a The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show were played. They rock, www.facebook/bloodsnot is where you can find them. There were segments of Movie Time, and TV shows were discussed as well. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

-Fire Eater Wizard


Gamma Ray "Avalon"
Hirax "Deceiver"
Prong "Windows Shut"
Saxon "Power and the Glory - Live"

Xandria "Nightfall"
Tankard "Fooled by Your Guts"
Stork "Heretic"
Serpent Ov Old "Banished"
Arkona "V ob'jat'jah Kramoly"

Judas Priest "Redeemer of Souls"
Kekal "Jakatan Arch-Captor"
Epica "Sense without Sanity"

Redemption Revolution "Ungreatful"
Mattersphere "Hearing You"

Bloodsnot 2-6 Live

Neon Guillotine "What's a Metal Chug"
Armed with Valor "They Followed the Followers"
IKILLYA "Not Dead Yet"

Neon Guillotine "Satanner"
Loudblast "Darkness will Abide"
Scary D and Sinister G "Leatherface"
Pet the Preacher "Remains"
Vallenfyre "Splinters"

Insane Ian featuring the Great Luke Ski "Angry Nerds"
Vader "Where Angels Weep"
Diabulus in Musica "Et Resurrexit (Libera Me) / From the Embers"
Toxik Death "Satanic Sacrifice"

Devo Spice "Lost in Time"
Symphony of the End "Fall of a World"
Hammercult "Burning the Road"
Process Pain "Walls of Liars"
Sworn Enemy "No Mercy"

Operatika "Haunting"
Temperance "Tell Me"
Noneuclid "Cult of One"
Skindred "We Live"
Portrait "Ageless Rites"

Cemetery Lust "Mass Grave Orgy"
Kyng "In the Land of Pigs"
Greenleaf "Depth of the Sun"
Kata Sarka "Death Comes Ripping"
The Shrine "Hellride"

Autopsy "After the Cutting"
Rubicon Cross "Locked and Loaded"
Jupiter "The Submersion"
Glamour of the Kill "Second Chance"
Dirty Diamonds "Crash and Burn"

Savatage "Larry Elbows"
Thin Lizzy "This is the One"
Running Wild "Branded and Exiled"
Slaughter "F.O.D. (Fuck of Death)"

Exodus "Bonded by Blood" (R)
KMFDM "Godlike"
Judas Priest "The Sentinel" (R)

Forced Entry "Bone Cracking Fever"
Faith or Fear "Lack of Motivation"
WASP "The Real Me - Live" (R)
Erotic "Ribbons of Mercy"
Gorilla Biscuits "Time Flies"

Watchtower "Mayday in Kiev"
Fates Warning "Night on Brocken"