June 21, 2015 - When You're a Stranger

StrangerPresent were, EVD, Nathan, and, Giuseppe Cuozzo , who has been in many bands (and every time he's in a new one, he has a different look, too, and tonight was no exception), who has a new project, When You're A stranger. He brought the CD, and all four tracks from it were played. It rocked. You can also find his band on facebook, it's the one with the picture of a lighthouse, which he took himself. And, it's been a while, but I think we have another band who has earned the highly coveted honor of having their name up on our Wall Of Fame Of Band Names That Have Been Said The Most On The Air. Yes, I know it's a long name for an award, but it's very highly sought after, because it means the band's name is getting the kind of exposure that can literally be obtained nowhere else. And our newest recipient, who joins the likes of Lamb Of God, My Penis, Hell Yeah, Short Bus Pile Up, Necrogoblikon, and the winner of The Lifetime achievement Award, the all time champ, Goatwhore, is, *drum roll* Myrkur! Because, for some reason known only to his strange mind, but his strangeness is Myrkur's good fortune, EVD, loves saying their name, has been saying it repeatedly for the last three weeks, and has got Nathan doing that with him. So congratulations, Myrkur! Your fame will surely soar to great heights now, because we, and this award, have that kind of power and influence. So enjoy your new fame and wealth, and try not to become one of those bands who, when they reach super stardom, squanders it away, like a couple of past recipients must have done, like My Penis, and, Short Bus Pile Up, did, that must be why they aren't internationally known by now, because this award guarantees that, so it must be their fault! There were segments of Movie Time, and some TV stuff was talked about as well. At 3:30, The Cover Set. The last hour was The Old School Hour...

- Fire Eater Wizard



Dio "Stand Up and Shout / Straight Through the Heart / Children of the Sea - Live"
K'annibal Woman "Ghost People"
Fuck the Facts "Solitude"
Misconducters "Class of '84"
Motorhead "Thunder and Lighting"
When You're a Stranger "Holding Back from Progression"
Pro-Pain "Righteous Annihilation"
Zandelle "Unending Fortitude"
The Rods "Too Hot to Stop" (R)
When You're a Stranger "Searching Growing Achieving"
Lamb of God "512"
Blizzard Hunter "Heavy Metal to the Vein"
Demon Eye "Listen to the Darkness"
When You're a Stranger "Bridges to Content"
Slipknot "Killpop"
Mushroomhead "World's Collide"
Fvneral "Aryd"
Immortal Bird "Saprophyte"
When You're a Stranger "Don't Forgive, Never Forget"
Iwrestledabearonce "Killed to Death"
Xenofanes "Vermin of the Earth"
Orchid "Sign of the Witch"
Between the Buried and Me "Option Oblivion"
Paradise Lost "Beneath Broken Earth"
Nadimac "Krv Do Kolena"
Nekro Drunkz "Insane Masturbatory Rampage"
Sacrilege "Rock n' Roll with the Devil"
Einsturzende Naubauten "Alles Weider Offen"
Hellbastard "We are Coven"
Mantar "Into the Goldern Abyss"
Emit "Dusk Gardens of Translucent Mansions"
Dope Stars Inc. "Do It Yourself"
Nekrogoblikon "We've Had Enough"
Deceased "Metal Church"
Funeris Nocturnum "Wheels of Fire"
Hellcannon "Pull the Plug"
Hydrogyn "18 & Life"
NOFX "Last Caress"
Rabid "Speak English or Die"
Sepultura "Under My Skin"
King Diamond "Bye Bye Missy"
The Unravelling "Revolt"
Kronos "Soul-Voracious Vultures"
Gus G. "Burn"
Wrvth "Larkspur"
Harry Slash "This is Extreme!"
Grinspoon "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck"
High on Fire "The Dark Side of the Compass"
Spectrus "Can't You See You're Gonna Die"
Seize the Now "Bag of Bones"
Mallory Knox "Shout at the Moon"
Unleash the Archers "Crypt"
Nocturne "Happy (Remix by En Esch)"
Android Lust "Ultraman"
Das Ich "Engel"
Die Krupps "Bloodsuckers (Remix)"
Misery Loves Co. "A Million Lies"
Metal Church "(My Favorite) Nightmare"
Queensryche "Before the Storm"
Agent Steel "The Swarm is Upon Us / Mad Locust Rising"
Crimson Glory "Queen of the Masquerade"
Tesla "Easy Come, Easy Go"
Banshee "Cry in the Night"
Green Carnation "Under Eternal Stars"
Amaran "Atropine"
Elend "Away from Barren Stars"
Blazing Eternity "Concluding the Dive of Centuries"

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