October 11, 2015 - Blast from Oblivion, Jim Sadist Tribute, and GorGar!

LEPresent were, EVD, Nathan, his friend, Dylan, Rob, Splatterguts, who is the one man band, Blast From Oblivion, people who haven't been here in quite a while, Nikki and Adam, and, someone who hasn't been here in an even longer while, at least a year and a half, GORGAR!!!!! There was a set of music in tribute to Jim Sadist, drummer for the band Nun Slaughter, who had passed away in the past week. At 2:00, The Old School Hour. At 4:00, The Cover Set, only, this week, it wasn't a Cover Set. It was something inspired by an idea EVD had a few weeks back. He said, "You know what would be a good idea", then said "Never mind". But when asked what it was, he said there should be a set of music that was the original songs. At the time, it was kinda dismissed, but Azkath decided it could work, and, even though following an idea of EVD's is usually a dangerous thing to do, this one was actually a good one, a set of songs that were all the originals of the songs that Metallica had made more well known. There were segments of Movie Time, and some TV programs were discussed as well...

-Fire Eater Wizard


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "Theme to an Earthquake / A Marine Biologist"
Madame Mayhem "Perfect Nightmare"
RAM "The Usurper"

Blast from Oblivion "Severed from a Wretched Past'
Wolfheart "Zero Gravity"
Eldritch "Broken"
WASP "Eyes of the Master"

One-Eyed Doll "Committed"
Kylesa "Lost and Confused"
Draconian "Pale Tortured Blue"
Nazgul "A Vast Consumption of Succulent Marrow"

Nunslaughter "Burn the Cross (Jim Sadist vocals)"
Rabid "War Machine"
The Fabulous Dung Beatles "Jason Ate Bad Chicken"
Birth A.D. "Kill Everybody"
Nunslaughter "Satanic Slut"

Blast from Oblivion "Duck Duck Ghouls"
Wizard Eye "Phase Return"

** Old School Hour **
Betsy "The Devil Made You Do It"
Krokus "Smelly Nelly" (R)
Laaz Rockit "Chasin' Charlie"
Nemesea "Angel in the Dark"

Jingo De Lunch "Chill Out"
S.G.M. "Do Me ('Til I Die)"
S.O.D. "Fist Banging Mania"
Enslaved "Mardraum" (R)

Artch "Conversio Prelude / Another Return to Church Hill"
Num Skull "Brutal Fucking Death"
Jetboy "Feel The Shake"
Johnny Crash "Hey Kid"
Jolly Mon "Is My Name"

Megadeth "Fatal Illusion"
Leaves Eyes "Vengeance Venom"
Walking Corpse Syndrome "Human Delusion"
Meka Nism "Mekamorphosis"
Saxon "Eye of the Storm"

Any Given Sin "Ashes to Ashes"
Necrocosm "Octopian Eclipse"
Queensryche "Guardian"
So Hideous "Relinquish"
Slayer "Atrocity Vendor"

** Anti-Cover Set **
Diamond Head "Helpless"
Holocaust "The Small Hours"
Killing Joke "The Wait"
Budgie "Crash Course in Brain Surgery"
The Misfits "Green Hell / Last Caress"

Once Human "Devil Can Have You"
Windhand "Hyperion"
The V "Starshine"
Gama Bomb "My Evil Eye"
The Under "Insidious"

Coalition Against Shane "The Ballad of Rob Zombie"

Void of Sleep "Slaves Shall Serve"
Varathron "Sinister Recollections"
Under the Church "Walpurgis Night"
Sabre Tiger "Angel of Wrath"
Bone Cage "Cyborg 101"

Current 93 "Crowleymass"
Cradle of Filth "Mr. Crowley"
Behemoth "LAM"
Bruce Dickinson "Man of Sorrows"

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets "A 'Need to Know' Basis"
Clutch "Decapitation Blues"
Fates Warning "We Only Say Goodbye (Live Rehearsal)"
Psyche Corporation "Dance for Me"
Denner / Shermann "Seven Skulls"

Nekrogoblicon "The End of Infinity"
The Commander-In-Chief and Craig Ogden "Let It Go"
Fields of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib III"