January 20, 2019 - Seriah's Picks...

CDsDue to a snow storm, there was no live show this night, instead Seriah played a lot of stuff he personally likes, along with a few new releases and anniversaries...


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Sabbat "Intro / A Cautionary Tale"
Meadows End "Storm of Perdition"
KOSM "Toxicity"

Die Klute "The Hangman"
Blind Illusion "Death Noise"
Witchgoat "Emanations from the Underworld"
Exciter "Under Attack"
Dramascream "Walk the World - Live in Studio"

Snowy Shaw "March of the Black Dwarfs"
Disillusion "Alone I Stand in Fires"
Nailed to Obscurity "Tears of the Eyeless"
Sabbat "Immortality of the Soul"

Wretched Fate "Writhe"
Omicida "(Shot at Point Blank)"
Bruce Dickinson "Darkside of Aquarius"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Waters of the Corrupt"
Schoolyard Heroes "Screaming Theater in a Crowded Fire"

Armageddon Monks "Severed"
Lethargy "A Moment Away"
If Man is Five "I Hand You My Universe and You Live Me"
Master "Brain Dead"
Creeper "HEMP"
Mind at Large "Died on a Sunday"

Manowar "Wheels of Fire"
Genus Ordinis Dei "Hail and Kill"
Arch / Matheos "Stained Glass Sky"
Ana Kefr "The Orchid"

NOFX "The Decline"

Crimson Glory "Dream Dancer"
Hallow's Eve "Lethal Tendencies"
Metal Church "Watch the Children Pray"
Mortal Sin "Blood, Death, Hatred"
Heathen "World's End"
Banshee "Cry in the Night"

Q5 "Steel the Light"
Sound Barrier "Gladiator"
EXE "Metal Hell"
Arch "Metal Life"
Helloween "How Many Tears"

Hades "The Leaders?"
Sacred Oath "Rising from the Grave"
Savatage "24 Hours Ago"
Paradox "Pray to the Godz of Wrath"

Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head"
No Mercy "Waking the Dead"
Shok Paris "On Your Feet"
Wild Dogs "Spellshock"
Chastain "Paradise"
Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone "Whispered Rage"

Overkill "Powersurge"
Wrath "RIP (Ripped into Pieces)"
Phantom "Dead of Night"
Fates Warning "In a Word"
VoiVod "Cockroaches"

Queensryche "Spreading the Disease"
Lillian Axe "Misery Loves Company"
Eric Steel "Since You've Been Gone"
Dirty Looks "Get Off"
Sword "Life on the Sharp Edge"

Evildead "Rise Above"
Ludichrist "Tip of My Mind"
Not Fragile "High Into Heaven"
Heir Apparent "Cacophony of Anger"
Angkor Wat "Circus of Horrors / Civilized"

DAD "Jihad"
The Sisters of Mercy "Alice (1993)"
Clarke Ashton Smith "The Nightmare Tarns"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "The Sleeper"

Fields of the Nephilim "The Last Exit for the Lost"