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September 21, 1996 - Earliest Archived Show

This show is very much music, very little talking or humor, this is I think the earliest show I have archived in any way. Some cool local stuff in this playlist from the late 90's... There are some missing spots due to this being on cassette tapes...

(R) = Requested

Part 1
Arcana "Song of Mourning"
Orphaned Land "Find Yourself, Discover God"
Gamma Ray "Heal Me" (R)
Morbid Angel "Where the Slime Live / Damnation - Live" (R)
Testament "Practice What You Preach - Live" (R)
Slayer "Skeletons of Society" (R)
KoRn "No Place to Hide" (R)
Twilight Kingdom "Nothing Sacred" (R)
My Dying Bride "The Cry of Mankind" (R)
Agressor "Barabbas" (R)
Obituary "World Demise" (R)
Pantera "Fucking Hostile" (R)
Tool "Stinkfist" (R)
Running Wild "Into the Arena" (R)
Cradle of Filth "Ebony Dressed for Sunset / The Forest Whispers My Name" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "I Saw Your Mommy" (R)
Pro-Pain "Gunya Down" (R)
Kyuss "Green Machine" (R)


December 29, 1996 - Skyclad Feature

Sloth and Azkath host the show and play clips from Earlier in the year. Also we have Skyclad as our band feature...

 This Show is from about 2 and a half years after we started The Last Exit for the Lost. It's quite a bit different from the current version of the show. Nice look back, though. Sloth and I did the hosting of most of this, if I remember right, and the whole show is not intact, as we had to use cassette tapes at the show to tape and actually remember to turn them over and switch them. We also did Skyclad as a feature artist on this show...

Part 1
Skyclad "Thinking Allowed / The Declaration of Indifference / Emerald"
Arcturus "The Fall of Man"
On Thorns I Lay "The Higher Color of Mind (Wrong is Right)"
Rotting Christ "Snowing Still"
Morgion "In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)"
Show Clip from 1996
Sentenced "Bleed"
Mercyful Fate "Burning the Cross"
Scum "Flames of the Silver Sea"
GWAR "I'm In Love (With a Dead Dog)"
Twilight Kingdom "Angel to No One"


November 30, 1997 - Z'Ha'Dum Show

Listen Now!
(R) = Requested

My Dying Bride "Sear Me - 1993"
In the Woods "(HE)art of the Ages"
Fields of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib IIII"
Cradle of Filth "Dusk and Her Embrace / The Rape and Ruin of Angels (Hosannas in Extremis)"
Sensorium "The Undying / This Emptiness (No Love for the Lonely)"
Pyogensis "It's on Me"
Chants of Maledicta "Mournfulness"
Mercyful Fate "Burning the Cross / Shadows"
Emperor "With Strength I Burn"
My Dying Bride "Silent People / Sear Me"
Septic Flesh "On the Topmost Step of the Earth"
Opeth "To Bid You Farewell"


April 23, 2000 - We Love Satan Show

One of our early We Love Satan Shows. There are some breaks where tapes ran out, but most of it is here.

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(R) = Requested
Dio "We Rock"
Darkane "Rape of Mankind"
Mutant "Demonworlds"
Avulsed "Nice Rotting Eyes"
Carnival in Coal "Fall from Grace"
Goatwhore "Satan's Millenium"
Eternal Suffering "Let the Dark Water's Flow"
Dung Beatles "Feed Kate Moss"
Mr. Downstairs "Professional Bastard"
Towpath "Desecrating the Grave"


May 14, 2000 - Tribute to the Past Show / Last Show from Linden Ave.

(Last Live Show from 227 Linden Ave)
Tribute to the Past Show
(R) - Requested


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So a little explanation. When we showed up to do our show on May 13th, we found out that our building was condemned. This wasn't that big of a shock really, as the building hasn't been in the best of shape for many years. So, while doing the show on that night we had to pack up our entire CD collection, Record Collection, and miscellaneous other things. This was not a small task and took most of the night, hence the reason that the show came off a little more disjointed than normal that night. It was pretty chaotic, but we had to have everything out by Sunday night. It was about a month before we moved into the new building on Mitchell St. I tried to fix up this recording as best I could. Filled in most of the gaps and cleaned the sound up. Enjoy this piece of history.

TNT "Seven Seas / Just Like God"
Reverend "Remission"
Chastain "The Mountain Whispers"
Hades "On to Illiad - Live"
Agent Steel "Taken by Force"
Fudge Tunnel "Cat Scratch Fever"
Grim Reaper "Final Scream"
Mr. Downstairs "100 DV"
Boiler "Cram"
Borknagar "Icon Dreams"
Pyogenesis "These Roads"
Mystik "Silent Anger"
Kataklysm "The Renaissance"
Vader "Inhuman - Disaster Mix"


May 12, 2002 - Shoebox's Debut / Armageddon Show

The Recap by Azkath...

Zoltan Shoebox Timmy 2Ok, so the rain here started during the show and pretty much has not let up since. Maybe Zoltan was right when he was building the ark. Everything is starting to flood...

Our little musical ritual is complete. If all goes as it should, SOMETHING should happen Wednesday. Maybe it will just keep raining... No sign of Nibiru, but there is that planetary alignment, which completes, I believe, tonight...

Well, what can I say? It was chaos. Moreso than I can ever remember in recent history. First, before the show, I sicked Jeffie on Ithaska. He thinks they liked him. Then I tossed him out of the station and we proceeded with The Last Exit. I dusted off the Wheel of Satan, for maybe the last time, and pushed the button / aka spun the wheel. Vern was there. He was still insane. The wheel fixed that. So, since I had a more sane and unfornately also more annoying Vern (he was actually sort of funny and not irritating when insane - weird...) I had him give away boxes of free stuff. That went well, but it could have gone better. If by some chance, the world is still here next week, we will give away what we have left. Ok, so then the wheel was spun again, and up came Zoltan the Avenger, staight from Hell, with his Denim jacket AND Hawiian shirt, and Fuzzy Hat, and FuzzNubby (Vern's offspring). Then we had a nifty visit from Shoebox of The Worm Quartet. He brought us a Giant Tampon. Kind of him. Hmmm... Then there was some chaos, Friend showed up and, well, Friended everyone. In a really strange moment, which is definitely a sign of the end of the world, Friend put on Zoltan's fuzzy hat, and BECAME Zoltan the Avenger. It was bizarre. And unerving for Zoltan. Eventually, Timmy the Prophet of Doom wandered in and it was all complete. Mayhem was fully underway. Eventually Zoltan decided he wanted to leave. Friend bolted with FuzzNubby. I spun the Wheel of Satan for perhaps the last time, and it disallowed Zoltan back into Hell. Despite not liking Hell, we was upset. Probably just because he wasn't allowed to be there anymore. Satan claimed his excessive grievences were too much for even him. ZTA is now stuck wandering the earth. At the end, there was a great little sing-a-long and the end of the Qabalistic Ritual, bringing us to Kether. And that was it.

As for Shoebox, he brought us some cool stuff, aka two of his older CD's. Check out his webpage at 

Happy Armageddon!!

** Below is the audio of the full show, and the Best of DVD that contains the video from this night, which starts around the 45 minute mark... **

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