Alienated Movie Interview with Brian Ackley - May 3, 2016

Alienated_Poster.jpgBrian Ackley, writer, producer of the movie Aliented, joins me to talk about the movie, inspiration, UFO's, Conspiracies, and more. Alienated is about a conspiracy theorist who witnesses a UFO but doesn't know how to tell his wife, fearing she won't believe him. This blows up their relationship, and you follow the downward spiral, with some surreal side trips...


A Talk about Doctor Who with Devo Spice and Aaron Gulyas - November 18, 2014


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Something new for The Last Exit, this interview is for fans of Doctor Who. Seriah talks with Comedy musician Devo Spice, and we play some songs from his Doctor Who concept album, "I am the Doctor", as well as author of various Doctor Who articles and a book, Aaron Gulyas.

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