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These are the people who you will hear on The Last Exit for the Lost. Some of them are there almost every week, some once every few months, but they are all part of the show...

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Rob (Thirteen South)

RobRob is the bass player for Thirteen South, Chamber Law, and has played in a bunch of other bands. He stops in to see us now and again and loves all kinds of music. 


KalKal started out as a regular in our chat room many years ago when he was merely 13 or 14. He did some on air bits with us over the phone, and eventually made it up to the station years later. I believe his first visit was our Zombie Apocalypse Show. Kal is big on video games, and really not as into Metal as the rest of us, but likes more Electronic and Industrial music. 

Darryl (Undead Messengers)

DarrylDarryl is the guitar player for Undead Messengers, and a fairly regular co-host on the show often coming up with Tim and Olivia. Darryl is also very interested in the Paranormal...

The Almighty Monkey

MonkeyThe Almighty Monkey is one of the oldest co-hosts on the show, first appearing back in 1994 or 1995, but has only appeared twice since the turn of the century. He will however chime in from time to time during the broadcast via text. He long ago earned the title Almighty Monkey by, well, being a Monkey. Trust us. You don't want  to know. He loves 80's and 90's Metal, from Glam to Thrash. He especially loves Overkill. 


SlothThe Sloth is one of the oldest co-hosts on The Last Exit for the Lost. He was first on air way back in 1994. One of the earliest shows we still have in the archive can be heard with Sloth. He has been with us off and on the whole time, but not frequently as he is slow. He's a funny guy, in a lot of ways. He's also a little disturbing. Sloth loves all kinds of Metal and more Gothic music.


RickRick is a regular co-host for The Metallic Onslaught. He visits us now and again, and has also been used as an enforcer of sorts at times. Rick loves the heaviest of Metal!

Randy (MetalWulf)

RandyOften are said the words, "Poor Randy." Randy is a regular co-host of The Metallic Onslaught who visits the Last Exit now and again, especially on certain shows. Bad things have a tendency to happen to him, but he comes back for more... He has died during We Love Satan shows, often gets possessed by Satan, has horrified us during the No Pants Day show, has been mummified for his 50th birthday, and much more. Randy has very diverse taste in Metal. At one point he also believed himself to be a Werewolf...

Justin (AKA 12 Inch)

JustinWe aquired Justin on April 12, 2015. He is a DJ at WVBR that Azkath ran into who happened to like Old School Metal, so he convinced him he should come out to The Last Exit. Although Justin likes a variety of Metal, he is especially partial to 70's and 80's Classic Rock and Metal. 

He got the nickname 12 Inch at some point because Nathan said he loves 12 Inch (referring to records) just as Justin walked into the studio, so we misunderstood that to mean Justin WAS 12 Inch. We have had fun with gentalia jokes ever since...

Tim and Olivia (Undead Messengers)

Tim and Olivia

Tim and Olivia originally came up with their band Undead Messengers in August of 2014. They came back somewhat regularly ever since, sometimes with other band members as well. Olivia is a fan of Symphonic Metal, and Tim likes all kinds of stuff. Tim is often quiet, but is more than willing to take an active role in events on the show. Their band has performed live in studio a couple of times as well.

R.J. (Randy Mawhiney)


We call Randy, RJ, to avoid confusion with The Metallic Onslaught's Randy. RJ was the vocalist to Thirteen South, does some vocals for Bloodsnot now and again, and is always looking for new opportunities to play live with bands. He is one of the most energetic front-men you will ever see, even in Death Metal. RJ loves a lot of music, and is very supportive of the local music scene. We believe he is also completely crazy, but that just makes him fit in all the better. RJ has been with the show on and off since he came to the area in mid-2013. 


NathanNathan has only been with us since our We Love Satan Easter show 2015. The youngest regular member of The Last Exit, also revealed to be a Bronie. Despite this, Nathan has fit in quite nicely, he has a great range of tastes and interests, musically and otherwise. He is also adept at running a video camera and sound board and makes a fantastic addition to the show. He's also a fan of outdated technology, and seems to be rather witty...

Crappy the Clown

CrappyCrappy the Clown is the most irregular co-host possible. His comings and goings are completely random. He is a local legend, and used to perform with Stool (featuring Crappy the Clown) and Punch Drunk Monkeys. Now he does mostly solo performances. You can find some of all of that on our YouTube Channel. Sometimes Crappy has some alter ego's that show up now and again. You can also find him at his website. He has also claimed one of the WVBR bathroom's as his winter residence. He has also been known to stand on the balcony and sing songs to passerby's.

As of 2015 Crappy has been showing up more often, and with a host of other personalities coming out of him. The most common is Mr. Linda, the sad downtrodden husband of Linda who often cries in Walmart parking lots before coming to the show. 

Tim Binder

Tim2Tim is a regular on the show when he is in the area. He spends the better portion of the year in L.A. promoting bands, movies, and working in the entertainment industry in general. He has previously worked for Victory Records and Century Media Records and still hosts the Century Media Podcast. Beyond that, Tim LOVES romantic comedies, Glam, and Hard Rock. He despises action movies and Sci-Fi, but for some reason likes traditional slasher type horror movies.  He's a bit of a puzzle at times, but is a great addition to the show when he visits!

Submissions and Contact

We are more than open to playing underground, unsigned bands from anywhere in the world. We prefer you mail us a CD. Our address is;
The Last Exit for the Lost
7762 Rock River Road
Interlaken, NY 14847

 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We do accept MP3 files, however they must be at least 192 bit files, we WILL NOT play anything at a lower bitrate.
You can upload stuff straight to our dropbox. And please e-mail us to let us know that you have uploaded something and tell us who you are.

Ripping and Uploading Instructions
I realize that not everyone knows how to do this, so for those that need it, here are the tools for you to do that as easily as possible. First, download the old version of Audiograbber and the MP3 plugin HERE.
Audio Grabber, is a free program, and very easy to use. The newer version is not as simple however.

Once you have installed both (and make sure you uncheck the optional software which will just clutter your browser), click on the MP3 button. The only setting that needs to be changed is in the bitrate box. Select Constant Bitrate, and then move the slider to 192 or above. The higher the bitrate, the better the sound quality and the bigger the file. 192 is about CD quality though, and usually sufficent.
The last step is to click on settings, then up top you can select where you want the files to go. The default is your My Music folder. You can also change what the file name consists of here if you want, but leaving it alone is fine as well, so there is nothing that HAS to be changed here.

Now just put your CD in, add in the song titles, and make sure you do that, no one wants an album with no song titles. Just click twice and change the name. If your CD has CD text, try the CD pulldown and 'get titles from CD Text', and it should fill it in. Correct what you need to, and then click GRAB. It will convert your files quickly and in high quality. It will also keep the settings if you want to convert anything else in the future.
Now, although e-mailing a few songs is usually ok, we do prefer a full album, with artwork where possible. If you have cool artwork, there is a good chance we will talk about it on the air.

Ok, so once you have a folder with your album in it, right click, and select Send To and Compressed Folder (in windows anyways). That will give you one file with your album in it. Now go get a free Dropbox account (or if you have a preferred upload method, use that). Dropbox allows you to just place that file in the dropbox folder and it will upload it to their server. By right clicking on it, and going to Dropbox you can get the URL for that file. Then e-mail it to us, or anyone else you want to send the album to.

So that is it, simple and easy. If you have questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


History of The Last Exit for the Lost

TheWebThe Last Exit for the Lost started out as Rockin' the Night Away way back in September of 1985 and was hosted for years by Jon Lovely. In August of 2015, Seriah had Jon, or JRRBL as he was known on air, join him for a Dealer's Choice show and they discuss the beginning of the show and he tells some stories from those days. You can find that in the Dealer's Choice Section of the Archive. Jon eventually left and it changed hands here and there, first to Chris Thompkins, then to Mary Ramirez, who changed the name to The Metal Cage, and eventually ended up in the possession of Seriah Azkath. His first show was June 3, 1994, and he has been doing it ever since. (Prior to this, he published a music zine called The Web: A Literary Journal of Extremes in Music and Entertainment, which pretty directly lead to him taking over the radio show. The zine ending it's existence in Spring of 1998 after 15 thick issues.)

On January 20, 1996 Seriah moved the show from Friday to Saturday (so it no longer conflicted with The Metallic Onslaught out of Geneva) and then he changed the name to The Last Exit for the Lost (named after one of Seriah's favorite Field's of the Nephilim songs). The change was made due to his wanting to include more than just Metal on the show, although it has never lost it's Metal core. "I wanted to have a radio show where you could hear, regularly, everything from classic Mercyful Fate, to Laibach, to Fields of the Nephilim, to Overkill.", stated Seriah about the goal of the show. The shows' musical diversity is currently way beyond that, playing all kinds of Metal, new and old, Goth, Industrial, Punk, Hardcore, Comedy, Indie Rock, and some things that defy categorization completely. The Last Exit for the Lost is one of the longest running Metal shows on the air, has one of the biggest catalogs of music to draw from anywhere, and is unique in many ways due not only to the diversity of music, but because of the strangeness in between.

There have been MANY co-hosts during the years, but the first ones that really took the show in the direction it has gone would be two who went by the names Sloth of the Apocalypse, and The Almighty Monkey. Since then, there have been many characters and co-hosts that have come and gone, some there only briefly, some have stayed for some time. The 'People on the Show' section of this site has the current crop of hosts, co-hosts, and special guests. You can also find early material from the show in the Media section on Best of DVD's, the Retro DVD's, which are all free, are three volumes of early material on the show and it's history.

RussianRouletteIn May and June of 2000, the station moved from College Town in Ithaca up to East Hill. At the time, this was not a welcome change, as the huge, spacious building in College Town was quite simply awesome, and the new building was small and in the middle of nowhere. This however, did change the show in many ways. Silly things that often happened in other rooms of the big building, were now happening on the air. Characters were sent on adventures around the area, something that was never thought of in the more convenient College Town location. In the end, the East Hill location was a good thing for The Last Exit and it's creativity.

The Last Exit for the Lost regularly plays host to bands, who often perform live in studio, both acoustic and electric. Returning bands are also put through various trials and... experiences, involving anything from Balloons to lapdances. The playlist of the show, often consists of more unsigned bands from around the world than larger, more well known bands. The show has always been about bringing out the best and most interesting music, not following the crowd. Oftentimes you will hear stuff here first, and when that is said, it is actually true. It is a unique listening experience in every way.

The Last Exit, in the past, would also host regular local shows and puts out various DVD series. You can check out our first DVD series, Xtreme Soundscapes, on Vimeo, as well as The Dave and Joe Show. You can also watch clips from shows we have put on at The Last Exit for the Lost presents... and we are working on a more complete archive. 

All the shows from the last few years are archived on this site. You can listen to them in their entirety at any time, see pictures, video recaps, etc. The Last Exit for the Lost has always been on the cutting edge of using the internet, from having a live internet stream WAY before most stations, to utilizing e-mail lists, chat rooms, a webcam, various social networking sites at their inceptions... The Last Exit always strives to be as interactive as possible and stay on the cutting edge of what technology offers.

There used to be a lot of themed shows, but over time, many of them have gone by the wayside. Some are likely to stay around. The 'We Love Satan' show, which was created mocking those who think that people who listen to Heavy Metal by default worship Satan (and actually created in direct response to such a comment) now airs twice a year, once on Easter, and once on the closest Sunday to Xmas. Often it is a bizarre and mocking type of show. The Pre-Anniversary End of the World show had been going on since around 2002 (Now a Post Apocalypse version), and celebrated the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. Now this is a common known thing, but back then, it was not, and once again, The Last Exit was way ahead of the curve in it's strange, often mocking, way.

In recent years we have added in Russian Roulette shows, Birthday Olympics and other oddities. Some work and evolve, others die a merciful death. In the end, it is all about good music, entertainment, and fun.

On March 16, 2014 we moved into our new building at 604 East Buffalo St in Ithaca, down in college town again. This huge new building has allowed us to have bands perform full out, as well as lead to much more innovation in what we can do on the air, and there is a lot more to come! We are expanding more and more, stay tuned...

In June of 2014, the show, with Seriah hosting, was 20 years old. In September of 2015, it was 30 years since the first show with JRRBL.




EricEric first came to the show December 11, 2011 with his band Ire Clad. We invited him back and by mid-2012 he was more or less a regular. Eric is a real life version of an internet troll. The things that come out of his mouth tend to either shock or amuse, or disgust, depending on how you take it and your sense of humor. Eric is also partially responsible for Seriah starting Where Did the Road Go?. Being a big fan of Coast to Coast and fairly well versed in fringe topics, Seriah and Eric did an entire Last Exit discussing such topics, and got a great response. These topics still get discussed here and there, especially when Eric is on the show. He is also tough as a rhino, but likes to bond with Tim over their love of romantic comedies. Don't try and understand, just go with it...  Eric particularly loves any music that's Brutal. 

Dave Gee

DaveDave has been on the show since March 31, 2007. He has never really been a regular, he pops in and out at random. He and Just Joe make a great team, or a terrible team, depending on how you look at it. Dave is our funny fat guy, and funny he is. Oh, and fat. In a jolly sort of way. He does have this splinter personality called Super Dave, who is actually sort of tough and talks like a cross between the Macho Man and Hulk Hogan. It can be confusing, especially to Dave. Dave loves a lot of different types of music, but Death Metal seems to be his first love...

Dave is also. for some reason, afraid of puppets, and occasionally trees.


ArydArydaea is mostly in the background by her own choice. Occasionally she joins us on the air, and she usually runs the camera when mayhem breaks out. Arydaea has an artwork and modelling site on DeviantArt, and often helps keep the show running smooth. Her musical tastes are more melodic and electronic, although very diverse. There is a strange rumor that she really loves Deicide... You can also find her on Facebook.

Just Joe Wingdingboatbottom I

Just Joe has been a part of The Last Exit since November of 2003. Once a very regular co-host, due to other factors in his life, he is now there usually bi-monthly. Just Joe has been through a lot on the show. He is kind of the jack of all trades, and sometimes court jester. Joe is a fantastic camera man, often runs the sound board when we have bands play live, and is Seriah's go-to guy. He also tends to have his crazy, or stupid, moments, and bad things happen. He's also very afraid of spiders... and jelly beans. Joe is also our resident monkey at times. The varied stuff that Joe has gone through on the show, both good and bad, is simply beyond the belief of anyone who has not been witness to it. Joe's musical taste is diverse, but he loves underground and local bands, and is fond of female fronted bands as well. 

Just Joe



EVDE.V.D., which stands for Evil Villainous Dude, or Electric Vodka Dude originally, or, really, whatever you want it to stand for. His first show with us was September 11, 2005. He took a break for a few years from around mid-2011 till mid-2014. Now he's back as one of our most regular co-hosts. EVD loves to torment some of our other co-hosts, Just Joe and Dave in particular, and loves science. He is also rather fond of puns and bad jokes. Musically, his taste is all over the place. He's sort of the mad scientist of the show...

Seriah Azkath - Your Host

394192 10100514521446695 414202 49461488 685848865 nSeriah took the reins of the show back in 1994. It was The Metal Cage when he took over, and he changed it to The Last Exit for the Lost within a year or two. He did that to make the name of the show better represent the diversity that he wanted to create on the show. Although the show will always have a Metal core, he said he wanted to have a show where he could play Mercyful Fate, Overkill, Laibach, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, and whatever else he felt like throwing in, without seeming out of format. Seriah also hosts Where Did the Road Go?, co-hosts The Metallic Onslaught, , and every month or so, hosts a Dealer's Choice Show. He has a dry, if slapstickish sense of humor, like to prank his co-hosts and guests, loves the paranormal and occult, and tries to create a show that is unlike anything else on the air anywhere. Musically, he is partial to female fronted bands, thrash, old-school death metal, dark music, dissonence, and comedy music. He also loves just plain weird music sometimes. Seriah is also extremely supportive of underground and local bands. The name, The Last Exit for the Lost comes from one of his favorite bands, Fields of the Nephilim. It's the final song on their second album. You can find Seriah's Facebook here, feel free to follow or add him as a friend. 

The Last Exit for the Lost...

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTUCTION. THE ARCHIVES WILL BE POPULATED EVENTUALLY, AND THEN UPDATED. Some of the older shows use playlists, if you don't get all 6 hours, right click and copy the link where it says listen to the show, and play the URL with WinAmp or any player that handles playlists. Eventually it will all be fixed with a player for the six hour show, but it will take some time.

Welcome. Here you can find a plethora of entertainment. The Last Exit for the Lost itself airs weekly, live on WVBR 93.5FM, Ithaca, NY, and it starts anywhere from midnight till 12:30am Sunday mornings (Eastern Time) and goes till 6AM. The varied start time is due to the unpredictability of the previous show (also hosted by Seriah), Where Did the Road Go?. The shows are archived here on the page, and go back years. You can find pictures, video, playlists, recaps, etc. You will also find a ton of material around the site, best of CD's that you can download, Best of DVD's that you can watch and download, our Old-School reclaimation project, with downloads of old demo bands and more. There is our side show, the Dealer's Choice show which is a bit different in style, there are tons of interviews, and much, much more. After 22+ years, there is probably more here than you can ever go through. 

You can talk to us in the chat and make requests during the live show, add us on Twitter, Facebook, etc, We have a catalog of well over 100,000 albums to pick from. We often do an hour or two dedicated to Old School Metal and the like, and we do some special themed shows throughout the year, like our Tribute to the Past show, the We Love Satan Show, shows featuring HP Lovecraft or Aleister Crowley. And we do some unusual interviews as well. We have interviews with Wrestlers, Models, Movie Producers, Authors, and whoever else we think is interesting. You can find them under the Interviews Tab.

We also used to put on live shows locally, and there is a section for that that is being built, as well, we have bands perform live in our rather large studio. We also do what you might call Slapstick Radio, with some really strange and silly stuff some shows. Other shows, we talk about recent movies, current events, the paranormal, etc. You just never know what you will hear when you tune in. We make a great effort to bring you some awesome music that you won't hear elsewhere, whether it be obscure, or new and upcoming bands. This show is a labor of love, love of music, and we try to make it fun. We hope you enjoy it.

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