EricEric first came to the show December 11, 2011 with his band Ire Clad. We invited him back and by mid-2012 he was more or less a regular. Eric is a real life version of an internet troll. The things that come out of his mouth tend to either shock or amuse, or disgust, depending on how you take it and your sense of humor. Eric is also partially responsible for Seriah starting Where Did the Road Go?. Being a big fan of Coast to Coast and fairly well versed in fringe topics, Seriah and Eric did an entire Last Exit discussing such topics, and got a great response. These topics still get discussed here and there, especially when Eric is on the show. He is also tough as a rhino, but likes to bond with Tim over their love of romantic comedies. Don't try and understand, just go with it...  Eric particularly loves any music that's Brutal. 

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