Crappy the Clown

CrappyCrappy the Clown is the most irregular co-host possible. His comings and goings are completely random. He is a local legend, and used to perform with Stool (featuring Crappy the Clown) and Punch Drunk Monkeys. Now he does mostly solo performances. You can find some of all of that on our YouTube Channel. Sometimes Crappy has some alter ego's that show up now and again. You can also find him at his website. He has also claimed one of the WVBR bathroom's as his winter residence. He has also been known to stand on the balcony and sing songs to passerby's.

As of 2015 Crappy has been showing up more often, and with a host of other personalities coming out of him. The most common is Mr. Linda, the sad downtrodden husband of Linda who often cries in Walmart parking lots before coming to the show. 

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