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Every Saturday on WVBR 93.5FM, Ithaca, NY from midnight to 6AM Eastern or click to listen online

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Recently Updated Shows and Interviews

The Last Exit for the Lost...

THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTUCTION. THE ARCHIVES WILL BE POPULATED EVENTUALLY, AND THEN UPDATED. Some of the older shows use playlists, if you don't get all 6 hours, right click and copy the link where it says listen to the show, and play the URL with WinAmp or any player that handles playlists. Eventually it will all be fixed with a player for the six hour show, but it will take some time.

Welcome. Here you can find a plethora of entertainment. The Last Exit for the Lost itself airs weekly, live on WVBR 93.5FM, Ithaca, NY, and it starts anywhere from midnight till 12:30am Sunday mornings (Eastern Time) and goes till 6AM. The varied start time is due to the unpredictability of the previous show (also hosted by Seriah), Where Did the Road Go?. The shows are archived here on the page, and go back years. You can find pictures, video, playlists, recaps, etc. You will also find a ton of material around the site, best of CD's that you can download, Best of DVD's that you can watch and download, our Old-School reclaimation project, with downloads of old demo bands and more. There is our side show, the Dealer's Choice show which is a bit different in style, there are tons of interviews, and much, much more. After 22+ years, there is probably more here than you can ever go through. 

You can talk to us in the chat and make requests during the live show, add us on Twitter, Facebook, etc, We have a catalog of well over 100,000 albums to pick from. We often do an hour or two dedicated to Old School Metal and the like, and we do some special themed shows throughout the year, like our Tribute to the Past show, the We Love Satan Show, shows featuring HP Lovecraft or Aleister Crowley. And we do some unusual interviews as well. We have interviews with Wrestlers, Models, Movie Producers, Authors, and whoever else we think is interesting. You can find them under the Interviews Tab.

We also used to put on live shows locally, and there is a section for that that is being built, as well, we have bands perform live in our rather large studio. We also do what you might call Slapstick Radio, with some really strange and silly stuff some shows. Other shows, we talk about recent movies, current events, the paranormal, etc. You just never know what you will hear when you tune in. We make a great effort to bring you some awesome music that you won't hear elsewhere, whether it be obscure, or new and upcoming bands. This show is a labor of love, love of music, and we try to make it fun. We hope you enjoy it.