April 25 - Peter Steele Tribute

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Brian, from the band Sorrow Of Batavia, stopped by. He was there for an hour or so. Movie Time occurred, in three parts, spaced throughout the night. EVD was there for about the first half of the night. In tribute to Peter Steele, who died recently, or at least it seems he may really have this time, but we're really not sure, but because of his apparent death, some old, rare, and obscure music of his in his various bands was played throughout the program. At the end of the night, Just Joe was given a mission for next week, find Dave, and show up at LE next week with him, or don't show up then at all, so, we would hear, next week, either both Just Joe and Dave, or neither of them. Just Joe said he could handle this mission, but he always thinks that, but he really sucks at tasks and missions, and hardly ever completes them successfully...

Listen to the Show

Carnivore "Jack Daniel's and Pizza / Angry Neurotic Catholics / S.M.D."
Type "O" Negative "Are You Afraid / Gravity"

Sodom "Agent Orange"
Dark Tranquility "Dream Oblivion"
Shadows Sanctuary "Diamonds and Souls"
Great Awakening "All Systems Fail"
Cirque Du So What "New Messiah"
Snow White "New Messiah"

Gwynbleidd "Thawing Innocence"
Others "Fear the Dead"
Lair of the Minotaur "Evil Power"
Warbeast "The Plague at Hand"
Axel Rudi Pell "Burning Rain"

Mongrel "Bored to Death"
Robert Lund "Hey, Old Stripper"
Skull Fist "Heavier than Metal"
Vendetta "War / Prepare Yourself for Hostility"

Soulfly "Rise of the Fallen"
Annihilator "WTYD - Live"
Circa Survive "Glass Arrows"
Audio Transmission Nine "Winter"
Steve Goodie "Ecstasy of the Bilious Waterpoodle"

Worm Quartet "Eskimo Pie is Not Pie and Contains Very Little Eskimo"
Zadoc and the Nightmare "Is it Me? - Live"
Critical Bill "Beam Me Up"
One Brick Down "A Letter to the Devil Within"
Bullet for My Valentine "Your Betrayal"

Worm Quartet "Carbonated Hamsters / What Your Parents Think All Your Music Sounds Like"
Wicca "Disneyland"
Veins Over Ice "Lost Souls"
Bitter Frost "Signs that Point to Nowhere"
Imagika "Scared to Death"

Sorrow of Batavia "The Wretched One"
Chamber Law "Judge and Jury"
inRed "Quistiny"
Cirque Du So What "Meanwhile..."
Sickhoose "SRJ"

Fallout "Rock Hard"
Carnivore "Thermonuclear Warrior"
Type "O" Negative "Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity"

Psyche Corporation with New Animal "Minor Demon"
Black Breath "Escape from Death"
Plasmatics "The Damned"
King Missile "It's Saturday"
Fuck the Facts "Time is a Dictator / Doghead"

Gloominous Doom "JFKFC"
Vio-Lence "Parapelegic - Live / Torture Tactics"
Abrogation "Sundenbock"
Cirque Du So What "Dumb Fanfic Awards"
Dagor Dagorath "The Call"

Requiem for Oblivion "Ominous"
Periphery "Jetpacks Was Yes"
Semargl "Credo Flaming Rain"
Beltane "North Sun"
13 Cent Kill "Cold December"

Emmure "Rusted Over Wet Dreams" (R)
Barren Earth "Ere All Perish"
Sacred Oath "Shadow Out of Time"
Karma to Burn "46"
22nd Century "Sawgrass Hill"

Fallout "Batteries Not Included"
Carnivore "Five Billion Dead"
Rikets "End of My Suffering"
Sodom "Ausgebombt"
Shadows Sanctuary "Upon the Wings"
Makaras Pen "Opus 6"

Type "O" Negative "Halloween in Heaven"