March 28 - National Joe Day

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; It was National Joe Day, which is the day where everyone who wants to be is named Joe for that day, a day to celebrate Joe, so to speak. So Just Joe was banned from this LE, as he just gets too full of himself on that day, and is unbearable to be around. I know, I know, your thinking, "so what's new there?", but, trust us, it's     MUCH WORSE than usual! So no Just Joe on this night. Although there was supposed to be a Dave, he apparently went missing, and, with no Just Joe to send out to look for him, he would just have to stay that way for now. The band New Animal was supposed to be there to talk about their upcoming participation in the next The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, and were no shows. EVD was there for part of the night, and The Enforcer was there for a little while. There was Movie Time, and, in the final two hours of the program, a lot of old music was played, which was great to hear. Azkath read some funny top eight lists of things, like top eight rejected names for super heroes, top eight reasons I'm unemployed, and, top eight bumper stickers...

Listen to the Show

Hanoi Rocks "Obscured"
Leatherwolf "Thunder"
Sickhoose "TIA"
Gwynbleidd "Canvas for Departure"

Heathen "Arrows of Agony"
White Wizard "Iron Goddess of Vengeance"
Ekotren "Dead Behind the Eyes"
Accept "Balls to the Wall" (R)
Dokken "Will the Sun Rise?" (R)

Jon Oliva's Pain "Death Rides a Black Horse"
22nd Century "509"
Chamber Law "Judge and Jury"
137 "Fight for your Right (to Party)"
Svartsot "I Salens Varme Glod"

LAW "Jeffery Dahmer / Brain Probing Relativism"
Psyche Corporation "Pretend"
New Animal "Hollow"
Zadoc... and the Nightmare "Long Way from Home"

Eluveitie "Kingdom Come Undone"
Van Canto "Tribe of Force"
Mortemia "The New Desire"
Amoral "Song for the Stubborn"
Steve Goodie "Ice Cream Man"

Triptykon "Myopic Empire"
One-Eyed Doll "Hoochie Mama"
Ambush! "New American Holocaust"
Hollenthon "Deathly Dirges"
Andra Dare "Swan"

The Breathing Process "Hordes"
Stark "Get It"
Slik Helvetika "Hafnium"
Black Breath "Eat the Witch"
Lair of the Minotaur "Goatstorm"

Automan "Back in the Sun"
Killer Dwarfs "Stand Tall (Stick to your Guns)"
Lethal Dose "Who We Are"
Geezer "Beach Skeleton"
Heidevolk "Dondergod"
Tom Smith "I Had a Shoggoth"

Hundredth "Willows"
Volumes "Starstruck"
Aeon Zen "Time Divine"
Netherbird "Alison Hell"
Paul Dianno's Battlezone "The Forgotten Ones"
Geist "Einen Winter auf See"

Sovereign Strength "War on this World"
Dreamscapes of the Perverse "World of Malice"
Darkness Remains "Aura of Despair"
Hysterica "Louder"
Echoes of Eternity "Buried Beneath of Thousand Dreams"

Hades "DamNation"
Herod "Assimilation"
Impelliteri "Tonight I Fly"
Vicious Rumors "Blitz the World"
Heretic "Time Runs Short"

Amoral "Year of the Suckerpunch" (R)
Holy Terror "Debt of Pain"
VoiVod "Brainscan"
Vio-Lence "Parapalegic"
WASP "Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the Rue Morgue)"

Warrel Dane "When We Pray"
Watchtower "The Fall of Reason"
Giant Squid "Neonate"
Warlock "Vorwarts, All Right!"

Slayer "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "War Inside My Head" (R)
Wench "Mercy"
Wrath "Sudden Death"
Manowar "Black Wind, Fire, and Steel" (R)

Hallows Eve "Lethal Tendencies"
Dark Angel "Never to Rise Again"