December 18, 2011 - Final Pre-Anniversary End of the World Show...

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This show is where we celebrate our final pre-anniversary end of the world show. Chains of Honor join us for the first few hours...

Neurosis "Theshold"
Mastermind "The End of the World"

HPLHS "The World in Terror and Madness Lies"
Carnivore "Armageddon"
Fields of the Nephilim "Chord of Souls"
My Dying Bride "Apocalypse Woman"
Tornado "Massive Extinction Impact"

Chains of Honor "Neighbs"
The Nefilim "Chaocracy"
IXXI "Armageddon Nobility"
Ecthition "Warmageddon"
Anvil " I Dreamed It was the End of the World"

Chains of Honor "Last Chance"
Don't Go Into the Woods "Take the Head to the Tarpit - Live"

Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"
Dimmu Borgir "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse - Live"
Cradle of Filth "Thank God for the Suffering"
Skuzo "Dance to the Apocalypse"

Chains of Honor "A Giant John Wilkes Booth"
The Wizzard "Doomsday Radio"
At the Gates "The Flames of End"
Bad Religion "Fuck Armageddon... This is Hell"
Bathory "Armageddon"

Chains of Honor "Territories"
Embrace the Massacre "Half Dead"
Jonestown "Burn the Page"
HPLHS "The Carol of the Olde Ones"
Anacrusis "Apocalypse"
Atreyu "Doomsday"
Black Sabbath "Hand of Doom'

Chains of Honor "Altitudes"
Black Tusk "End of Days"
Harter Attack "Death Bells of the Apocalypse"
Nightwish "End of All Hope"
HPLHS "It's the Most Horrible Time of the Year"
Engine "Falling Star'

Deadlock "The End of the World"
Destruction "Armageddonizer"
Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers "The End of the World"

Harley Poe "It's Only the End of the World"

Hypocrisy "Apocalypse (Re-Recorded)"
HPLHS "Death May Die"
Iperyt "A Pocket Sized Armageddon"
Holyhell "Apocalypse"
Incubus "The Battle of Armageddon"

Therion "Quetzalcoatl"
The Nefilim "Pazuzu (Black Rain)"
What's He Building in There "Armageddon"
Amphionelle "Apocalypse"
Thrall "Mass Extinction"

Syphilitic Vagina's "Armgeddon Buttfuck"
Shadowgarden "Slowmotion Apocalypse"
Anathema "Alternative 4"
Pyogenesis "In the End"
Sacrifice "Flames of Armageddon"

Venom "Black Xmas" (R)
Feilds of the Nephilim "Psychonaut Lib III"
Psyche Corporation "End of the World"
Bob Wayne "2012"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
It was The Final Pre Anniversary Count Down One Year To The End Of The World Show, where scenarios would be run through as to how the world would end, and what to do. The band Chains Of Honor was there, as were Tim, and Rick. The first scenario was that the moon would come out of it's orbit, and crash into the earth. What they did in this scenario was to all scream really loud, and then, stop, meaning it was all over. Then, because we are certain the apocalypse will involve zombies, there was a scenario involving them. Now, last year, that did not go too well, because we had the wimpiest zombies ever known, none of them wanted to go outside because it was just too cold, poor babies! So this year it went differently. Another reason it hadn't gone so well last year was because Just Joe got too into it, and actually bit people. So, this year, Just Joe would be a humping zombie, and people would have to try and fend him off, if he humped them for five seconds, they would become zombies, too, and they would hump people. The goal was to get Just Joe outside, where he did not want to go because, again, it was cold outside, being mid to late December in central New York. Anyone who successfully fought off Just Joe was a survivor. Just Joe humped to his Hugging Music. Rick was the only survivor, so,when the apocalypse comes, you should stick close by Rick, and maybe you will survive. Then they ran a scenario with rival cults. Tim would be the leader of one cult, and a member of Chains Of Honor would be the leader of the other. They would see who could recruit the most members. The band member promised his cult members safety. Tim promised his members cheap women, and yogurt, and weapons. Almost everyone joined Tim's cult. Then the two cults were given weaponry, baking sheets, and told to battle it out until there was a winner. But, again, Rick had joined Tim's cult, so the other cult never had a shot at survival, but the battle with the cookie sheets was impressive. Now, as has been mentioned here, Tim's manhood has been seriously called into question, he loves "Dawson's Creek", "Glee", both the TV series, and the movie, the "Twilight" movies, and now, we find out, Janet Jackson! It was decided that another attempt should be made to make Tim into a man, that had been tried last year, and it had seemed to be working, but then he heard some Bon Jovi, and that turned him back into a girl again. So they had him watch a DVD entitled "Video Armageddon", it had lots of gore, boobs, asses, and asses on fire. Over the night, Tim did become more and more manly. Unfortunately, as was the case last time as well, the more manly he gets, the more of an obnoxious jerk he seems to become. He finally stormed out, after not liking two of the songs that were played. one was a cover of "The End Of The World", the pop song, which started his rant, and then a song about the end of the world, which was funny, and had cool lyrics, but was sung in a total country way, completely set him off, he said he was leaving, because he couldn't take this crap anymore. They were undecided as to whether they wanted to keep this obnoxious Tim, or try to change him. There was a final end of the world scenario, where they counted down the seconds... And nothing happened. The band Chains Of Honor was there for about the first half of the night, in addition to what I already said they did, they were interviewed, and all the songs from their CD were played. They rock, is the website where you can find them. Just Joe was asked, and didn't know, why Kal had had his cell phone when Just Joe was on vacation. Just Joe was apparently unaware that, in addition to super gluing the doors and windows on his house shut, and digging a tunnel there, Kal had stolen his cell phone. Just Joe denied having anything to do with why Kal was absent this week... As we were nearing Christmas, some Christmas music was played, but LE style Christmas music, of course, comedy songs, and parodies of Christmas songs with different lyrics... So, a very happy Pre Anniversary One Year Count Down To The End Of The World, everyone! If you have stuff you really want to get done, better get cracking!