November 20, 2011 - Just a Memory Visit...

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Just a Memory were there for the first 2 hours, and were interviewed and played some live acoustic material.

The Objex "Fingered / R.S.V.P."
Imperial Vengeance "The Voice of Thelema"
Nekrogoblikon "Army of Goblins"
Chains of Honor "Neighbs"
Gypsyhawk "Blackhaven"

Just a Memory "Battlefield"

Just a Memory "No Turning Back - Acoustic Live"

Just a Memory "For the Love of Pity"
Vektor "Tetrastructural Minds"
Firewolfe "FireWolfe"
JBO "Ace of Spades"

Just a Memory "All Right / Runaway - Live Acoustic"

Slow Burning Car "In the Trees"
Giant Squid "Figura Serpentina"
Thousand Year War "Open Casket"
Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
Static People "The Late Projectionist"

Just a Memory "I Hate You - Live Acoustic"

Armed with Valor "What All the Kids are Craving"
Supreme Pain "The Dark Army"

Edge of Paradise "Mask" (R)
Arryan Path "77 Days Till Doomsday"
Sober Truth "Leave Me Alone"
Sick of It All "Sanctuary"
Cirque Du So What? "My Chinese, Me Play Joke"

Undergang "old Man"
Consortium Project "Pandora's Box"
Wreak Havoc "Hopelessly, I Hope"
Amoral "Wrapped in Barbed Wire"
Careless "Song 9"

The Objex "Squeeze"
Charetta "Lights Out"
Serious Problems "Leaky Information"
Vader "Don't Rip the Beast's Heart Out"
EdGuy "Two Out of Seven"

Die Hard Till Death "Weak are the Cruel"
Orphaned Land "Bereft in the Abyss - Live"
Chris Connely "Classically Wounded"
Trigger the Bloodshed "Devouring all that is Kind"
Andra Dare "Dacryphilia"

Fastway "Deliver Me"
Outrage "Pact of the Wicked"
Pain of Salvation "To the Shoreline"
Battlerage "Warlock's Epitaph"
Tornado "3 of 8"

Sanjuro Fields "Angry Annette? - Live"
Earthbound "Heather"
The Lobster Quadrille "7 Reasons to Die - Live"
Sulaco "Magee"
The Amity Affliction "Anchors"

Bang Tango "Dick in the System"
The Slot "Dead Stars"
Nabaath "War Blasphemy!"
Steve Goodie "If You Want to Say Fuck, Say Fuck"
Gloominous Doom "Trannysylvania"

Nemesea "Afterlife"
Skinny Puppy "Gambatte"
Hundredth "Carry On"
Amon Amarth "...and Soon the World Will Cease to Be" (R)

Dimmu Borgir "Puritania" (R)
Carnifex "Until I Feel Nothing"
Vallenfyre "Ravenous Whore"
Heresiarch "Thunorrad"

Nevermore "Inside Four Walls" (R)
Suicidal Tendencies "Waking the Dead" (R)
Skydancer "Windcurves"
King Diamond "Abagail" (R)

Mercyful Fate "Black Masses - Live"
Ulver "Wolf & Fear" (R)
Aesma Daeva "Downvain"
Mortal Sin "Liar"
GWAR "The Song of Words"

Saxon "Play It Loud" (R)
Reverend "The World Won't Miss You"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The band Just A Memory was there for the first couple hours. They were interviewed, and they played some of their songs live and acoustic on the air. Tracks from their EP were played as well. They are a cool band, is the website where they can be found. There were four segments of Movie Time, Just Joe really sucks and had seen no movies this week, not even any kid ones that he watched with his spawn. He is still working his way through the television series "Lost". So Azkath had to do Movie Time by himself, spacing his four movies out, one at a time, throughout the night. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...