November 13, 2011

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Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord "Ante Bellum Overture / Blood of the Prophets"
Diamond Plate "Casualty of War"
Golden Ressurection "See My Commands"
Gypsyhawk "The Rabble and the Rule"

Megadeth "Sudden Death"
Divine Ascension "Guided by Osiris"
Iced Earth "Anguish of Youth"
Lance King "Infinity Divine"
Vellenfyre "The Divine Have Fled"

Chains of Honor "A Giant John Wilkes Booth"
Vektor "Dying World"
Tornado "Ignorance is Thy Name"
Weedeater "Jason... The Dragon"
Imperial Venegance "Veiled Threats Over Cocktails"

Slow Burning Car "Sirens"
Serious Problems "Apathy"
Supreme Pain "The Dark Army"
Sarah Jezebel Deva "Zombie"
Divot "Arms to Row"

The Supersuckers "Born with a Tail"
Charetta "Bully"
Gloominous Doom "Totally Awesome Definitely"
Undergang "Table Scraps"
Enfuneration "Stygian Darkness"

To the Deep "What the Sun Created"
Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Earthbound "Victim of a Madman"
Old Silver Key "Star Catcher"
Skinny Puppy "Icktums"

Sanjuro Fields "Under the Floor - Live"
Heresiarch "Carnivore"
FireWolfe "Armed Forces"
Six Hour Sundown "Jekyll & Hide"
TV's Kyle "We're Gonna Hurt Them"

Rammstein "Mein Land"
Scholar "Pants on Fire"
Armed with Valor "I Killed the Peeping Tom"
Circus Grenade "Exit"
Wizard "Heart Eater" (R)

Hate Machine "PB" (R)
Masakari "Pain Concieved as a Tool"
Ion Vein "Enough"
Sekond Skyn "Souls of Lead"
Neige et Noirceur "Hymne-4"

The Clan Destined "Swinging Like Judas"
Mortal Sin "Burned Into Your Soul"
J.B.O. "Raining Blood"
Edge of Paradise "We Breathe"
Wolves in the Throne Room "Woodland Cathedral"

Careless "Out of Control"
Counterparts "The Constant"
Tetrafusion "Last Chance"
Generation Kill "Hate"

Hull Just a Trace of Early Dawn"
Loom! "Frozen"
The Dogs Divine "I'm In Love with My Car"
Only Flesh "Crucivixen"
B.M.L. "A Song that Goes Like This"

DOPE "Falling Away" (R)
D.A.D "Sleeping My Day Away"
Twisted Sister "Under the Blade"
Slayer "God Send Death"
Possessed "Confessions"

Meanstreak "Time Bomb"
Mammoth "All the Days" (R)
Motorhead "March or Die" (R)
Dream Theater "Pull Me Under" (R)

Murdercar "Mirage of Blood"
Nuclear Assault "Brainwashed"
Evildead "Annihilation of Civilizaton"
Manowar "Guyana (Cult of the Damned)"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Just Joe was there. There was Movie Time, but it was done a little differently tonight. Just Joe, for once, had actually managed to see TWO whole movies this week, and Azkath had seen about four, so, throughout the night, Just Joe, or Azkath, would review only one of their movies at a time, with Azkath going first, and last, since he had seen twice as many as Just Joe. There was a segment where some paranormal topics were discussed, with names of good on-line radio programs to listen to for that subject matter. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...