October 23, 2011 - Ana Kefr Visit

Ana Kefr are with us most of the night...
Liege Lord "Master Control"
Imperial Vengeance "The Voice of Thelema"
Illnath "Fall of Giants"
Ana Kefr "Thamatrope / Bathos and the Iconoclast"
Charetta "Lights Out"
Slow Burning Car "Adama"
Maax "Rot and Roll"
Satan's Host "Nightside of Eden"
Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Lance King "Manifest Destiny"
The Lobster Quadrille "Descendit Ad Invferos"
Nekrogoblikon "A Feast"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Ana Kefr "Emago"
Careless "Bondaries"
Tetrafusion "The Deserter"
Mill Bastards "Trephornicate" (R)
Thousand Year War "The Storm I Ride"
Ana Kefr "Monody"
Andromeda "Survival of the Richest"
Black Tusk "Set the Dial to your Doom"
Iced Earth "Anthem"
Ana Kefr "Ash-Shahid"
Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord "Bard's Tale"
Trillium "Scream It"
Immolation "What They Bring"
Sulaco "It's Over Johnny"
Ana Kefr "The Blackening"
Mr. Bungle "Ma Meeshka Now Skyoz"
Hate "Threnody"
Earthbound "I Declare War"
Amity in Fame "Good Night and Shut Up"
Ana Kefr "The Collector"
Mastodon "Black Tongue"
Hundreth "Weathered Town"
Arch / Matheos "On the Fence"
Elimination "Echoes of an Unclear Past"
Ire Clad "Hazard"
Solsafir "Aera"
Drained "Fresh Blood"
Melt Banana "Stick Out / Mind Thief"
** Old School Hour **
Liege Lord "Rapture"
7 Seconds "Regress No Way"
Abattoir "Bring on the Damned"
Purgatory "Night Crawler Bitch"
Vow Wow "Mask of Flesh (Masqurade)"
Manowar "Hail and Kill" (R)
Death Angel "Seemingly Endless Time" (R)
Prototype "Shine"
Hurricane "I'm on to You" (R)
Boiler "Hit the Ground"
Blood for Blood "Eulogy for a Dream"
Dio "Rainbow in the Dark - Live"
Negative Approach "Why Be Something that You're Not"
Bruce Dickinson "Tears of the Dragon"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
The band Ana Kefr, who were all the way up from LA, and who had just performed the night before at a The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, were there for most of the night, 'til 4:00. They were interviewed, and a bunch of the songs from their new CD were played. They are an awesome band is their website. They talked about a lot of interesting things, like one band member's three years living in Egypt, among other things. Azkath gave them records, and they all broke them over each other's heads. They all got hugged by Just Joe when his Hugging Music played. And more... A few years ago Just Joe was hypnotized so that whenever he hears a particular piece of porn music, he thinks he is a porn star, and is in a movie right then, then, when he is brought out of it, he never has any memory of it's having happened, or why he is naked and molesting people. That music was played... And Just Joe got naked and rubbed himself all over the band, first just Shane, the band member he had been hanging onto when his Hugging Music stopped (he always continues to hold onto whoever is the one to be unlucky enough to be the one he is hugging when his music stops), and then all of them were treated to the experience of what it would be like to star in a porn flick with Just Joe. It was really disturbing! When Just Joe came out of the hypnotism, he, as always, had no idea why he was naked, and why he was getting it on with the band. The band remembered it very well however, I'm sure that is something they will NEVER forget! There were two segments of Movie Time, with the band contributing to the first one, and Azkath having to do the second one on his own, because, once again, Just Joe had seen no movies this week, partly because he has been watching the entire series "Lost" for the past few weeks, and also partly because he sucks and is often bad at preparing for what he is supposed to do. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...