October 16, 2011 - Just Another Night...

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Pile of Heads "War"
Lethargy "Humor Me"
Sulaco "On the Fence"
Volumes "Wormholes"
Maax "Fight with Fire"

Imperial Vengeance "Veiled Threats Over Cocktails"
Giant Squid "Mating Scars (Isurus Metridium)"
Only Flesh "My Favorite Shade of Grey"
Thousand Year War "No Gods, No Masters"
Cradle of Filth "Summer Dying Fast ('Midnight in The Labyrinth' breadcrumb trail)"
Ana Kefr "Bathos and the Iconoclast / The Zephirius Circus / Jeremiad"
Cryptic Reality "When the Towers Decay"
Earthbound "Heather"
Lord Volture "Celestial Bodies Fall"
Slow Burning Car "Call My Bluff"

Chains of Honor "Territories"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"
Dub Trio "Swarm"
Animals as Leaders "Isolated Incidents"
Kimberly Freeman "Enchantment"

Borderline Suicide "Take It All Away"
Mastodon "Stargasm" (R)
The Dillenger Escape Plan "Territorial Pissings"
Hammers of Misfortune "The Day the City Died"
To the Deep "What the Sun Created"

Loudness "Come Alive Again"
Immolation "Illumination"
Generation Kill "Walking Dead"
Fuck the Facts "Lifeless"
Serious Problems "Please Find a Reason"

Psychopath "OMFG"
Ana Kefr "Monody"
Suffokate "Always Hopeless"
Seplophile "Planetary Disfigurement"
Immortal Souls "Nuclear Winter"

TV's Kyle "Banana Bunch"
Hundredth "We Can take them All"
Graveworm "The World Will Die in Flames"
Old Silver Key "What Once was and will Never Happen Again / November Nights Insomnia"
Soulfly "Born Again Anarchist" (R)

The Elves "Four Day Creep"
Cage "Flying Fortress"
Charetta "Distraction"
Chris Ousey "Give Me Shelter"
Confused Little Girls "Honestly, Who Gives their Genitals Pet Names?"

Nuclear Torment "Sniper Zombie Rape Abortion"

Bulletboys "Balls to the Wall"
Eye Empire "Idiot"
Nile "Surrounded by Fright"
Derek Sherinian "Mercury 7"

This is Hell "Black Mass"
Dead Nation "Looking Through Ya Window"
Jonestown "Bloodless"
The Devil Wears Prada "Mammoth"
The Lobster Quadrille "Evil Bones - Live"

Ookla the Mok "The Other Side"
Kyng "Bleed Easy"
Hull "A Light that Shone from Aside the Sea"
Vader "Only Hell Knows"

** Old-School Hour **
Loudness "Gotta Fight"
Savatage "Rage"
Queensryche "Queen of the Reich"
Black Ice "US Metal"
Flotsam and Jetsam "She Took an Axe"

Rough Cutt "Try a Little Harder"
Sons of Angels "Cowgirl" (R)
Tora Tora "Guilty" (R)

Anacrusis "Sound the Alarm"
Hades "Leaders?"
Sweet Cheater "Tear Out Your Heart"

VoiVod "This is Not an Exercise"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Someone named Chad was there, but Azkath kept calling him Kyle, so he told him he had re named him, that his name was Kyle now. Just Joe got his birthday slaps a week late. They had some fun with the new Bullet Boys CD, which is all covers of songs from artists like Motley Crue, Journey, Elton John, Mr. Mister, Eddie Money, Bon Jovi, and many more. Azkath would play a bit of the song and see if Just Joe new the title and artist. He new a lot of them, and so did I, being the '80's pop and glam loving poser that I am. There were a couple segments of discussions of the paranormal, and programs that cover the subject matter. There were some segments of Movie Time, Just Joe had finally seen some movies to review, and Foul Mouth Girl participated in one segment. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour...