July 17, 2011 - Drop Head and Eyes on Infinity

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The first two hours, Keith of Drop Head joins us to discuss and play music from his band. At 2am, file 3, Andrew from Eyes on Infinity calls in to talk about his new Orchestrated project...

Background: Totentanz "Darkness Enshroud"

Diablo Swing Orchestra "New World Widows"
The Clan Destined "T.C. Lethbridge"
The One Through Tens "Fighting for a Golden Age"
Amelia is Dead "When the Leaves Fall in Line"

Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
Decapitated "The Knife"
Indestructible Noise Command "God Loves Violence"
Megadeth "Devil's Isand"

Drop Head "Come Back to Me"
George Lynch "Son of Scary"
Powerwolf "All We Need is Blood"
John Arch "Stained Glass Sky"

Drop Head "Reality"
Slow Burning Car "Blowback"
Edge of Paradise "Thrown It All Away"
Dream Theater "On the Backs of Angels"

Drop head "What Am I Doing Here?"
Eternity "Sleepwalk"
Liquid Me "Suffocation"

Eyes on Infinity "Used"
Andrew Rosciszewski "Fantasie for Rock Band and Orchestra excerpt"
Eyes on Infinity "Kwicksand & Koolade"

Ringworm "Voluntary Human Extinction"
Vulture Industries "Grim Apparitions"
Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows "Dio Narap"
Vargton Projekt "Jaipur"
Deadend in Venice "Personal Decay"

Law "Bees"
Armed with Valor "I Killed a Peeping Tom"
The Quill "Sleeping with your Enemy"
Virtual Mind "The Black Box"
Fistula "Mutant Tooth"

NOFX "Franco Un-American"
Falls of Rauros "Silence"
Toxic Holocaust "Agony of the Damned"
Suicide Silence "Smashed"
Ninth Moon Black "Causatum"

The Sonics "Cheap Shades"
Holy Force "The Wings of Forever"
Symphony X "Electric Messiah"
Excruciator "Skulls of the Abyss"
My Dying Bride "The Music of Flesh"

City of Ships "Chainman"
Daedalus "Your Lies"
Kaapora "The Day I Left the Dust"
Ilium "Grey Stains the Rainbow"
Malefice "Dead in the Water"
Elias Viljanen "Written in Stars"

Ana Kefr "Monody"
Battlecross "Push Pull Destroy"
Arachnes "Magic World"
Gypsyhawk "Gypsyhawk"
Stala & So. "Won't Let You Down Again"

The Clan Destined "Devil for a Day"
Damn the Machine "Heaven's Gate"
Ivory Tower "Rough and Ready"
Accept "Monsterman"

Armored Saint "March of the Saint - Live"
Metal Church "(My Favorite) Nightmare"
Nuclear Assault "Good Times, Bad Times"

Heretic "Time Runs Short"

By Fire Eater Wizard;
One member of the band Drop Head, Keith, was there for the first two hours. He was interviewed, and several tracks from his band's CD were played. They rock, is their website, and you can also check them out on facebook. He was asked, and gave his answers to, a bunch of those wacky questions from something that hasn't been done in quite a while. He also was treated to the great joy and pleasure of having Just Joe sit on his lap.

At 2:00 Andrew, from the band Eyes On Infinity, phoned in for an extensive interview, book ended by tracks from his band. They are very cool. Andrew told us how he is also doing orchestral, and chamber ensemble versions of his band's work. He has a website where he is trying to raise the funds to help with that, is where you can help with that, and it is very cool, so, if you can at all spare a few bucks, every and any little bit can help, it is a very worthy project. He is also a classical composer. A clip of one of his band's songs done as the orchestra version was played. He is on facebook, and he has his own website,

Someone who hasn't been here in quite a while, like three or four months, was there in the last two hours. No, once again, it was not Dave, although, as he is the worst co-host in the world, again, that would be a very good guess. But, no, it was Gorgar. There were two segments of Movie Time, with Gorgar participating in the second one. The last hour was not exactly The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour, the first half was newer stuff, but about the last half was old school and rarer music...