July 10, 2011 - Joe Dies

Holy Terror "Mind Games / A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor"
Slammer "Tenement Zone"
Helloween "Victim of Fate"
Whiplash "Last Man Alive"
Wargasm "Bullets and Blades"
Crashdiet "Armageddon"
Battlerage "Battlefield Belongs to Me"
Obsequiae "In the White Fields"
Mythos "The Maiden Voyage of Hubris"
Symphony X "Bastards of the Machine"
George Lynch "Done"
Reign of Vengence "In the Club with a Chainsaw"
Frankenshred "The Haunting"
Undead Creep "Surrounded by Tombs"
Drop Head "Drop Dead"
Edge of Paradise "Thrown it All Away"
Gypsyhawk "Commander of the High Forest"
Catch 22 "...and the Fire Still Burns"
FKU "Horror Metal Moshing Machine"
Sepultura "Just One Fix"
Brutal Hand "Sandra"
R.U.S.T. "Metal Child"
Decapitated "Carnival is Over"
Good "Teetotalitarian"
Stala and So. "Got to Believe"
Falls of Rauros "Banished"
Fallen Angels "Forever Burned"
Vulture Industries "The Crumbling Realm"
Unexpect "Mechanical Phoenix"
Skelator "Circle of Bloodshed"
The Clan Destined "T.C. Lethbridge"
Nomad Son "The Vigil"
The Commander-in-Chief "Paranoid"
Trials "Praise"
The Greenery "2012 Packs"
Regaenheart "The Spartan"
Voodoo Highway "The Fire Will Burn Away"
WWIII (Watt White) "Take Off Your T-Shirt"
Choose "36"
Mark Lanegan "Burning Jacob's Ladder"
Anthrax "Fight 'Em 'Till You Can't"
Deadend in Venice "The Monkey in My Closet"
Wurzel "People Say I'm Crazy"
Motorhead "Orgasmatron / No Voices in the Sky"
Denial Fiend "Flesh Coffin"
Thunderbolt "Metal Tide"
M.S.O.D. "Fire and Dust"
Exhumed "Through Cadaver Eyes"
Gentlemans Pistols "Some Girls Don't Know What's Good for Them"
Puissance "Reign of Dying Angels"
Slow Burning Car "Harum Scarum"
Arcite "Foreshadow"
Pestilence "Salvation"
Heathendom "Nescience"
Metal Law "Open the Gates of Hell"
Mortalicum "Progress of Doom"
Wishdoom "Guardians of Steel"
Cause for Revelation "No One Cares"
Zombie Shaker Box "Gates of Hell"
Shraphead "Pay with Rivers of Blood"
A Storm of Light "Wretched Valley"
Hellwitch "Neolithic Journey"
Megadeth "My Last Words"
Barn Burner "The Earth's Crust"
Napalm Death "Vision Conquest"
Helloween "Cry for Freedom"
The Clan Destined "More than War"
Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Kal, Adam, and, Little Gorgar were there. As was someone who hadn't been there in a year. No, not Dave, the worst co-host in the world, but that's a very good guess! No, it was Deron. Just Joe seemed very nervous when he learned that Deron would be there, and, when Deron arrived, Just Joe first tried to hide, then left, running away. When Deron had last been here, we had learned that he has three nipples. He now said that Just Joe had stolen his third nipple. He had suspected it, and now he said Just Joe had proven it with his guilty behavior. He said that, even though the third nipple had grown back, he was still really pissed off at Just Joe. When Just Joe returned, they got him to admit that he had stolen the nipple. They decided he needed to be punished for this, as well as for his having knocked out several people, Azkath, Kal, Adam, and possibly other people, and taking off their clothes, and telling them they had been kidnapped by aliens, which he had made up. They decided that for all that, he needed a comeuppance. Which, they decided, would come in the form of a severe beat down, to be administered by Azkath, Deron, and, Kal. They gave him a brutal beat down, and Kal did some very disturbing things with a poker, shoving it up... Well, lets put it this way, Just Joe is probably going to have some difficulty sitting down for quite a while. Then Deron gave Just Joe a vicious drop off the chair, and Just Joe wouldn't get up, or move, anymore, no matter what they did to try to get him to. He appeared to be dead. However, he has been dead quite a few times before, so no one was overly concerned. After a set of music, there had still been no sign of life from him. Then he suddenly just revived, even though he was very pale, and strangest of all, had no pulse, which Kal found so weird, that he said it was too much for him, and he was leaving. Just Joe wanted to know what had happened to him. They told him aliens had abducted him and probed him, and that that was why his butt hurt. Just Joe wondered why he wasn't naked then? They told him the aliens had probably done it through his clothes, since, understandably, they didn't want to see a naked Just Joe any more than anyone else does. As time passed, Just Joe did become less pale, and his pulse slowly returned as well. Weird. Only to Just Joe does stuff this weird happen. There were three segments of Movie Time. And the last hour was not The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour tonight, too much cool new stuff to get to, but the program did start off with an old school set to keep some old school flavor...