July 3, 2011 - Jayne Dracula and The Circus of Dead Squirrels


Jayne Dracula are in studio for the first couple of hours.
Circus of Dead Squirrels call in at 2am for an interesting interview...

Listen to the Show

The Clan Destined "Swinging Like Judas"
Hell "Blasphemy and the Master"
Satan's Host "Shades of the Unlight"

Jayne Dracula "Saturn Over Sunset"
August Burns Red "40 Nights"
Choose "29"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Eyes of Fire"

Jayne Dracula "Glow in the Dark"
Dominanz "As I Shine"
Exhumed "Distorted and Twisted to Form"
Denial Fiend "Horror Holocaust"

Jayne Dracula "The Land of Transylvania"
Unexpect "Mechanical Phoenix"
Hank III "Hillbilly Joker"
Sanjuro Fields "Whiskey in the Basement"

Elusive Travel "To Last a Lifetime"
Orodruin "Into the Hands of Darkness"
Acid Drinkers "Ace of Spades"
Svartsot "Om Jeg Lever Kveg"
Order of the Dead "Subversion"

Circus of Dead Squirrels "Inferno"
Chained and Desperate "Iconographies"
Icon in Me "Lost for Nothing"
Arch Enemy "Through the Eyes of a Raven"
The Lobster Quadrille "Weary - Live"

Sarah Jezabel Deva "The World Won't Hold Your Hand"
Pestilence "Absolution"
Puissance "Stance"
Ana Kefr "In the House of Distorted Mirrors"
Blood Stain Child "Unlimited Alchemist"

The Black Dahlia Murder "On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood"
Morbid Angel "10 More Dead"
Giant Squid "Throwing a Donner Party at Sea"
Psychopath "The Gruesome One"
The Untold Lies "Falling Faster"

Decree "Bloodthirst"
Hackeyed "Damn (You're Dead Again)"
Deadend in Venice "War"
Ditchwater "Save Your Apologies"
TV's Kyle "Earpatch"

Crashdiet "Bound to Fail"
Necro Facility "Waiting for the Snow"
Jesus on Extasy "The Last Day of My Life"
Who Cares "Out of My Mind"
Worm Quartet "I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead"

Jungle Rot "Kill on Command"
The Rain I Bleed "The Day After Tomorrow"
A Viking Funeral "You Will Be Missed"
Consortium Project V "Sirens"
Skamold "For"

Drop Head "Fighting for Air"
Annex Theory "Beneath the Skin"
The Viking "Human Tuba"
Blizaro "Eyes in the Caskets"
Spater "Rat Salad"

Savatage "Handful of Rain"
Megadeth "Looking Down the Cross - Live"
Eric Steel "Wishing Well"
Crisis "Exit Catacomb"

Helloween "Starlight"
Testament "The Preacher"
Slayer "Spill the Blood"
Hellion "Screams in the Night"

Fates Warning "Shades of Heavenly Death"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Three fifths of the band Jane Dracula were there in the beginning portion of the program. They promoted their band's participation in the Women's Right To Rock Festival, which was the following weekend. All three tracks from their demo were played. they are cool, you can find them on facebook. Matt, the vocalist for the band Circus Of Dead Squirrels, called in shortly after 2:00 for an extended interview, followed by a track from his band's CD. They rock, is their website. Rick, from The Metallic Onslaught, was there for the entire program. EVD and Kal were there for about the first half. EVD and Kal had been among the people who had left a few weeks ago, to find the aliens that Just Joe had kept insisting he saw, and then none of them had come back. Kal had claimed to have awakened at home, naked, with no memory of how that had happened. Other people had claimed that the same thing had happened to them. Then, last week, Just Joe had admitted that it had all been a hoax, to trick Azkath, because Azkath had said he was dumb. EVD had not been back since that night, so now Azkath asked if he had awakened at home naked, too. EVD said he had not, and claimed he had never said that he would be back that night, just that he would be back eventually, which was now. Azkath said that he had said "unlike everyone else, I'll be back", which meant that night, but EVD insisted he hadn't meant that, and that he had just gone home. There were three segments of Movie Time, with Rick and Kal contributing to some of them. And, no kid's ones from Just Joe this time. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour.