June 19, 2011 - Neon Guillotine and The Squirtin' Chubbies

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Background: Rapoon "The Fires of the Borderlands"

Skyclad "The Sky Beneath My Feet"
Clandestine "Philistine"
The Human Abstract "Horizon to Zenith"
Protest the Hero "Dunsel"

Circus of Dead Squirrels "Desensitized / Chickenshit"
Belphegor "Sado Messiah"
Satan's Host "Demontia"
Puissance "Grace of God"
Warblade "The Long Way Down"

Liquid Me "Fallout"
The Crevices Below "Whispers on Sorrow"
Unexpect "Unfed Pendulum"

Neon Guillotine "Our Last Effort"
James Byrd's Atlantis Rising "Fallen Warrior"
Lobster Quadrille "Rusty - Live"
Death Strike "Pervert"

Neon Guillotine "What's a Metal Chug"
Choose "33"
Order of the Dead "you First"
Psychopath "Darkened Disciple"

Neon Guillotine "A Damning Portrait"
Acid Drinkers "Seasons in the Abyss"
Skyclad "Polkagiest!"
Crashdiet "Down with the Dust"
Cosmic Sea "Darkness"

Neon Guillotine "Apparition in the Attic"
Sanjuro Fields "The Beagle and the Bulldog"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Waters of the Corrupt"
Death "Suicide Machine"

Anorexia Nervosa "Sister September (Director's Cut Mix)"
Between the Buried and Me "Selkies: The Endless Obsession"
The Untold Lies "Falling Faster"
Chained and Desperate "Chained"
Amon Amarth "Wrath of the Norsemen"

Burn Everything "Ghost of the Waves"
Black Tide "Walking Dead Man"
Worm Quartet "Hair on the Soap - Unclogged"
Distorted Harmony "Blue"
Black September "Creation of Chaos"

Hatriot "The Fear Within"
Puissance "In Death"
Dyonisis "Dead to Me"
Skyclad "Still Spinning Shrapnel"

Susperia "Bounty Hunter" (R)
New Killer Stars "Bridal Shower Bingo Cards"
August Burns Red "Internal Cannon"
Through Your Silence "Nameless Clouds"
Pictures of Pain "Betrayal"

The Black Dahlia Murder "A Shrine to Madness"
Degradead "A Taste of Destiny"
Hiersonic "Hiersonic Baphomet"
Dragging the Casket "Empty Casket"

Unearth "Coming of the Dark"
Intensus "The Pit of Hands"
A Storm of Light "Leave No Wounds"
Mastermind "Time Stand Still"

** Classic / Rare / Obscure Set **

Skyclad "Helium"
Black Sabbath "Disturbing the Priest"
Napalm Death "Suffer the Children"
Satan "No Turning Back"

Skyclad "The Declaration of Indifference"
Slammer "Hunt You Down"
Dirty Looks "Tokyo"

Pantera "Rock the World"
Oracle "Desolate Kings"
Rage "Symbols of our Fear"

Skyclad "Terminus"

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Two members of the band Neon Guillotine were there for a couple of hours. They were interviewed, and all of the tracks from their CD were played. They are a cool death metal band, they are on facebook and myspace. After they had gone, Just Joe said he would debut and perform new songs from his band, The Squirtin' Chubbies. And he did, he had a guitar, and he screeched, err, I mean, he sang, the title track from their new album "There's A Raccoon On My Face". The lyrics were "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!". Um, are you sure "get it off!" refers to the raccoon!? I really hope so! Another track he performed was "I'm On Fire", and, no, that is not a cover of the Bruce Springsteen song "I'm On Fire" from the '80's you may remember. No this song went "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! PUT IT OUT!!!!". The new material was, um, well, it was quite something! I'm sure they have a monster hit on their hands, and that they won't be able to keep up with the demand. Just Joe has now also created a page for The Squirtin' Chubbies on facebook so you can go check them out there for yourselves. There were two segments of Movie Time. The last hour was The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour. And Skyclad was sort of the pseudo Feature Artist of the night, as music from throughout their career was featured all throughout the program, with some rare obscure and classic stuff from them interspersed in the last hour.