June 12, 2011 - Hammer Time

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Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Last week, three people, Dave, EVD, and Kal, had gone out to look for the aliens that Just Joe had insisted he had seen, and none of them had ever come back. Well, this week, still no Dave, but since he is the worst co-host in the world, that doesn't mean much, still no EVD, but Kal was there. He said the next thing he could remember after leaving was being home, naked, with no memory of how he had gotten there. Kal brought with him tonight a giant hammer that he had made. It was used when Tribute To The Past/Russian Roulette was played. If a bullet, any over played or glam song, or two covers constitutes a bullet, played, Adam and Kal would get to beat on Just Joe with the hammer. If no bullet, then Just Joe would get to beat on Adam and Kal with the hammer. And, if an EVD song played, I.E., something by Shatner, or Nemoy, or some other bizarre thing like that, then Azkath would beat on all of them with the hammer. No bullet. Just Joe beat down, first Adam, then Kal, with the hammer. Later, a friend of Kal's, Grunty, who was listening, requested that they beat down Kal. So, first Azkath gave him a beat down. But apparently Grunty missed that, so they decided to do it again, for Grunty. Azkath and Just Joe both beat down Kal. Just Joe also humped Kal, a lot. Azkath had Just Joe hold Kal upside down, while he, Azkath, beat Kal's ass with the hammer repeatedly. Then Azkath told Just Joe to throw Kal down the stairs, which he did. Then Azkath threw Just Joe down the stairs on top of Kal. When they were back upstairs, Kal said he was leaving. Then he fell over and was gurgling with fluid running out of his mouth. Azkath told Just Joe to fix Kal. Just Joe's idea of doing that was to molest him some more. That didn't seem to fix him, so Azkath told Just Joe to get Kal out of there, to toss him outside. Which Just Joe did. Um, Kal, a couple thoughts... You might want to consider trying to find better friends than this Grunty. And, do you really think it was such a good idea to make and bring that giant hammer, since you wound up being the one it was used on the most? I think he had planned for it to be used on Just Joe a lot, but that's not how things wound up turning out. There was a segment of Adventures In Listening. And there were three segments of Movie Time, with Kal participating in the first one. There was a set of five songs by the band AC, in memory of their vocalist, Seth Putnam, who had passed away, either that day, or very recently. The last hour was a Rare Obscure And Classic Music hour...

Therion "Land of Canaan"
Unexpect "In the Mind of the Last Whale / Silence this Parasite"

Who Cares "Out of My Mind"
Stone Soul Foundation "Song About You"
Devin Townsend Project "Sumeria"
Pallas "Something in the Deep"

Acid Drinkers "Ring of Fire"
Chrome Division "Zombies & Monsters"
Consortium Project V "The Worst Has Yet to Come"
Maximum Shred "Speed Demon"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Falling Short"

** Russian Roulette **
Crisis "Wretched"
Space Farm 2600 "Definition of Insanity"
The Kovenant "The Perfect End"
Moonspell "...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)"
Vicious Rumors "R.L.H."
Hawaii "One Nation Underground"

Ana Kefr "The Blackening"

WASP "Widowmaker"
King Diamond "A Broken Spell"
Gamma Ray "Wannabees"
Positude "Love Theme from Eat, Prey, Blood: The Movie: The Ride: The Musical"
Unexpect "Orange Vigilantes"

Forest of the Soul "Forgotten Day / Green Heroes"
Icon in Me "Lost for Nothing"
Annex Theory "Event Horizon"
Arbalest "The Horror You Created"

Sanjuro Fields "From a Blue Glass"
Mark Lanegan "Burning Jacob's Ladder"
Origin "Committed"
Demonaz "Where Gods Once Rode"
Trillion Red "Right Over to the Helm"

Anal Cunt "Theme from the A-Team / Hungry Hungry Hippoes / I Got Athlete's Foot Showering at Mike's / I Just Saw the Gayest Guy on Earth / Stayin' Alive (Oi Version)"

Victory "Blinded by Darkness"
Tank "Great Expectations"

Deadlock "The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets of Armageddon / Martyr to Science"
Grabak "Wrath - Into a Mental Inferno"
Grave Descent "Morbid Extraction"
In Solitude "Dance of the Adversary"
Dwarves "Do the HeWhoCannotBeNamed"

Acid Drinkers "Hit the Road Jack"
Cynicism "Purveyor of Khaos"
Stella "Coast 2 Coast"
Crashdiet "Coast 2 Coast"
Mutant Supremacy "Lady Forlorn"

Ozzy Osbourne "You Looking at Me, Looking at You"
Isolation in Infamy "Theory of Flight"
Sacred Dawn "What You Did to Me"
Power Salad "Lose is a Four Letter Word"
Diablo "Sigerson"

Hell "Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us"
Rudra "Ravenous Theories of Deception"
Theatres Des Vampires "Fly Away"
Cauldron "Miss You to Death"
Arkan "The Eight Doors of Jannah"

** Classic / Rare / Obscure Hour **
Morbid Symphony "Woman in the Chair"
Holy Terror "A Fools Gold / Terminal Humor"
Holy Moses "Dear Little Friend"
Lethargy "Little Man"
Coroner "Reborn Through Hate"

King Diamond and Black Rose "Soul Overture"
Johnny Crash "Hey Kid"
The Sisters of Mercy "Ribbons"
Trouble "Mr. White"

Tristania "The Modern End"