June 5, 2011 - Aliens and CypherSeer

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Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Dave, for once, was actually there, as were EVD and Kal. Since EVD and Dave are the same person, not sure how he pulled that off, but there you are. Just Joe came in from outside and claimed he had seen the aliens again, he's been claiming that quite a lot lately, but never manages to get any proof of them, so no one believes him. And, once again, he had pictures, and, yet again, they were only pictures of where he said the aliens had been, but, once again, there were no aliens. Just Joe was bothering EVD, so EVD humped him, traumatizing him greatly, he kept howling and wailing, very loudly, despite Dave's efforts to comfort him. Sergio, the guitarist from the band CypherSeer, called in for an extended interview, which was followed by a track from their Cd. They are a cool band, is their website, and they are on facebook and myspace and they have a video on youtube on their record label's channel,   Although Dave claimed he was going to stay the entire night, which would have been the first time in a very long while that that had happened, as, being the worst co-host ever, when he does bother to show up, he always leaves quite soon, like after an hour or two. And, despite his claim that he would stay all night this time, he still is living up to his title, because he did not. He went out to look for the aliens, after Just Joe kept insisting that they did exist, and he never came back. After a while, Kal went out to look for Dave, and he never returned. EVD and Just Joe got into a humping each other fight. As the night wore on and still no sign of either Dave or Kal, EVD went out to find them and bring them back... And he never came back. Azkath and Just Joe both went outside to look for all of them, but they couldn't find them. They did both come back at least. Not sure what would have happened to the remainder of the program if they both had failed to do so as well. There were three segments of Movie Time, with Dave, Kal, and EVD (yes, EVD actually had something to contribute this time) participating in some of them. The final hour was not The Rare Obscure And Classic Music Hour this time, the host gets to choose these things, and this week he went with newer music. It was cool music, though, as always, LE is all about quality music...

At 2am, file 3, we have an interview with CypherSeer...

Unexpect "Unexlpained Ideas of a Distorted Guest"
ReinXeed "Deep Under the Sea"
Bloodiest "Obituary"

CypherSeer "The Curse"
Crown of Autumn "Towers of Dodeful Triumph"
Nile "Sarcophagus" (R)
Volturyon "Ravaged"
Borealis "Words I Failed to Say"

Mutant Supremacy "Extinction"
Victims "Nowhere in Time"
As I Lay Dying "Forever" (R)
Psychopath "Darkened Desciple"
Enslaved "The Sleeping Gods"

Choose "32 / 33"
New Killer Stars "Mindbreaker"
Pazz Kluger "Deceptively Real"
Lars Eric Mattson "Bounce"
Of Wrath and Ruin "The Reckoning"

Hangman's Heart "The Blame"
Sanjuro Fields "We are the Avalanche"
Scholar "Everything is Backwards"
Stone Soul Foundation "Mountain of Time"

Cypherseer "Dying Force"

Cosmic Sea "Veil of Sorrow"
Distorted Harmony "Blue"
Empire Auriga "Dreaming of Breath and Stars"
Steve Goodie "Everything You Know is Wrong"

Thorr-Axe "Wall of Spears"
Stella "Hurricane Ross"
The Shadow Theory "Sleepwalking"
Victory "Burn Down the city"
Jack Cassady "Nutcase"

Ozzy Osbourne "Flying High Again - Live"
Black Sabbath "Digital Bitch - Live"
Deceased "Vulture Shock"
Diablo "Sigerson"

Vanna "Black Bones"
Citizen Useless "Try Not to Scream"
Crank County Daredevils "Tearing Me Up Again"
Dead Languages "Twenty Twelve"
Deep Throat "The Terror Politics"

Crashdiet "Generation Wild"
Soulspell "Dark Prince's Dawn"
Emerald Sun "Speak of the Devil"
Unexpect "The Quantum Symphony"
D0d Beverte "Why Won't You Die"

Sons of Seasons "Sanctuary"
Avatasia "Down in the Dark"
Dornenreich "Tief Im Land"
Silent Stream of Godless Elegy "Sudice"
Die Apokalypischen Reiter "Moral & Wahnsinn"

Flotsam and Jetsam "Blackened Eyes Staring"
Hate Inc. "Breed"
The Daughters of Bristol "Down the Line"
Decree "Fateless"
Emerald Sun "Holding Out for a Hero"

Paper Thin Disaster "It Takes a Big Dog to Weigh a Ton"
Tank "Judgement Day"
Vinder "Diary of a Child"
Silver Lake "Slave to the Grind"
Black n' Blue "World Goes Round"

Sahg "Baptism of Fire"
Lake of Tears "Parasites"
Death of a Dictator "Last Super Hero"
choose "child"

Unexpect "A Fading Silence / When the Joyful Dead are Dancing / Until a Few More Deaths Do Us Part