January 11, 2015 - Crappy the Clown Returns

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Fractured Spine "...And Now You're...  Dead to Me"
The Erkonauts "All the Girls Should Die"
White Empress "Ours to Burn"
By the Graveyard Tree "Hollow Doll"
Whyzdom "Tears of a Hopeless God"
Chainreaction "Anthem for Humanity"
Crucifyre "Baphomet's Revenge"
Death Karma "India - Towers of Silence"
Voice of Addiction "Modern Day Meltdown"
Thabu "Fictionating the Present"
Forensick "Dark Secret"
Grimoire "Tragedie des Ombres"
Hands of Orlac "Burning"
Goat Semen "Holocausto"
Air Raid "Bound to Destroy"
Aktor "Too Young to Die"
Furor Gallico "Wild Jig of Beltaine"
Heavenward "Their Eyes"
Craft of Unknown Origin "Tiny Happy Critters"
Furyon "Lost Salvation"
Infernal Manes "Infernal Manes"
Invader "Invader"
The Longing "Wicked"
Wendy O' Williams "It's My Life"
Satan's Host "Hell's Disciples"
Iron Lamb "Backstabber"
Heaving Earth "Doomed Before Inception"
Sacred Heart "Time after Time"
Ravencroft "Broken Shadows"
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Mother"
Earthen Grave "Burning a Sinner"
Visigoth "Necropolis"
Orden Ogan "Evil Lies in Every Man"
Daywrecker "Cannibal Jesus"
Undivided "It's Never Enough"
The Last Ten Seconds of Life "The Box"
Devo Spice "Autocomplete"
Crypt Sermon "The Master's Bouquet"
Crack House "The Emergency Room is Gonna Need a Fucking Emergency Room"
Lich King "Toxic Zombie Onslaught"
The Oxford Coma "My Riad"
Dead City Ruins "Dio"
Unto Ashes "The Wanderer"
AzaThoT "Delirium of the Sane (Part 1)"
Dimesland "Bound in Stone"
Combat "Immoral Society"
Dr. Living Dead "Signs from the Other Side"
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus "Yö, Jolloin Hän Kuoli"
Dead Happy "Dismiss This"
Redezra "U Can't Break My Spirit"
Highway Chile "The Omerta (Lucky No More)"
Unleashed "Search for the Truth"
Vampyrs "Raving Maniacs"
Last Chapter "2 Feet Tall"
Forlorn "Distant Worlds and Distant Moons"
White Zombie "Black Sunshine"
Agony "Madness Reigns"
Airdash "Spit Your Guts"
Agressor "Bloodfeast"
Dismal Euphony "Simply Dead"
Anthrax "Anti-Social"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot" 

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
Present were, EVD, Tim, Rick from "The Metallic Onslaught", and Crappy The Clown, or, as he was mostly this night, one of his other alter egos, Mr. Linda. Tim got a smack down for requesting Extreme's "Mother", when another song with that title came up. I'm with you Tim, I hate every other Extreme song, but I LOVE that one. Just before Tim and Rick left, Tim was told he had a mission... Crappy, he was Crappy now, was hiding somewhere in the building, and he had to go find him. Tim didn't really want to, but went to look for him. And, apparently Crappy found him, Tim could be heard screaming, and it didn't sound too good, I think Rick did the driving home. There were segments of Movie Time, with some TV programs, an Internet program, and a video game discussed as well. After a three weeks absence, was once again The Old School Hour...