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Seriah Azkath - Your Host Featured

394192 10100514521446695 414202 49461488 685848865 nSeriah took the reins of the show back in 1994. It was The Metal Cage when he took over, and he changed it to The Last Exit for the Lost within a year or two. He did that to make the name of the show better represent the diversity that he wanted to create on the show. Although the show will always have a Metal core, he said he wanted to have a show where he could play Mercyful Fate, Overkill, Laibach, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, and whatever else he felt like throwing in, without seeming out of format. Seriah also hosts Where Did the Road Go?, co-hosts The Metallic Onslaught, , and every month or so, hosts a Dealer's Choice Show. He has a dry, if slapstickish sense of humor, like to prank his co-hosts and guests, loves the paranormal and occult, and tries to create a show that is unlike anything else on the air anywhere. Musically, he is partial to female fronted bands, thrash, old-school death metal, dark music, dissonence, and comedy music. He also loves just plain weird music sometimes. Seriah is also extremely supportive of underground and local bands. The name, The Last Exit for the Lost comes from one of his favorite bands, Fields of the Nephilim. It's the final song on their second album. You can find Seriah's Facebook here, feel free to follow or add him as a friend. 

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