June 28, 2015 - Rabid Live


Present were, EVD, Just Joe, Nathan, and, Eric. The band Rabid was there for about the first two hours of the program. They performed two sets (7songs) in The Performance Room, which Nathan set up and ran. It sounded great, Rabid rocked. They rocked so much in fact that they caused EVD to evaporate, he disappeared not to be seen or heard any more that night, but not before he said "Mykur" a few dozen more times, helping them further earn their award and place in our Band Name Hall Of Fame Of Band Names That Have Had Their Names Said The Most On Our Airwaves. There was an amusing incident where Nathan was describing the plot of a "Star Trek" episode, and Just Joe, at the same time, was describing a part of "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory", I don't think anyone could follow either plot, but it was funny, they both just kept on describing the events, as if the other wasn't talking, and neither got thrown off at all, although I did, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did, too. A new segment was introduced, The World According To Eric, where Eric would get about three minutes to talk about any topics that he wanted to, and impart his wisdom to us, always a dangerous thing, the disclaimer that the views expressed in this segment do not necessarily reflect those of any sane person, and, quite possibly, not even Eric himself, were never more fitting then for this. To sum up, there is a conspiracy by the gay Mafia, illegal aliens, I'm assuming he means from Mexico, not from outer space, but with him you never know, are bringing Chupacabras with them, and that they conjure them up with Voodoo, and that "The Minions" movie is retarded, his word, not mine. After Eric was finished, the song "Chupacabra", by Zakas, was played, fitting. Nathan was introduced to Dave's Beard, and Just Joe and Eric forced him to put it on, to Nathan's horror, his screams and struggles were quite vigorous. Well, they were trying to help him out, he can't seem to grow his own beard, too young, so... And we have come full circle... Once, we had to have an Enforcer for Just Joe, and now Just Joe is our Enforcer for Nathan when he acts up. Awww, our little Just Joe has grown up... Finally! At 3:30, The Cover Set, which Nathan ran the board for. There were segments of Movie Time, and some TV stuff was talked about as well. The last hour was The Old School Hour, which featured more hard rock and glam than usual, which was some for Just Joe, and was also my fault, as it was dedicated to me, because, the following Wednesday, July 1st, would be my Birthday. Just Joe serenaded me with a beautiful, moving rendition of "Happy Birthday To You", it brought me to tears! What kind of tears, I'm not quite sure! The final song of the night was one of my all time favorites, Masi's "God Promised A Paradise". Thanks, guys, it is much appreciated! 

- Fire Eater Wizard


Paradise Lost "Sacrifice the Flame"

Yesterday Saints "Sands of Nod"
Post Mortal Possession "Suspended by Nails"
White House Burning "Run Hide Coward Die"
Eschaton "Achromatic Reign"
Unleash the Archers "Frozen Steel"
Myrkur "Haevnen"
Arcturus "Pale"
Beyond Fallen "Merchant of Souls"
Burnt Books "The Harm We've Done"
Refused "Dawkins Christ"
Poison Idea "Dead Cowboy"
The Magick Way "La Mano Reccogile"
Ebonillumini "Taino People - (Puerto Rico)"
Lich King "Toxic Zombie Onslaught"
Isenmor "So Willing Deceived"
** Rabid Live **
The Beast Within
Nightmare Creatures
Cold Steel Warm Flesh
Bullets of War
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Ancient Ways"
Impelliteri "Jehova"
Melechesh "Enki - Divine Nature"
Keep of Kalessin "Necropolis"
** Rabid Live **
The Neverdead
Disciples of Death
Witches Sabbat
Lindemann "Ladyboy"
Acrassicauda "Cedar Forest / Rise"
Johnny B. Morbid "Exile"
Guerra Total "El Horror de Dunwich"
Exorcism "Black Star"
Inhumatus "Systematic Indoctrination"
Segression "Painted in Blood"
Tony Gabriele's Orbynot "Without A Trace"
Wilson "Hang with the Devil"
Carnival in Coal "Bark at the Moon"
137 "Fight for Your Right to Party"
Emperor "Gypsy"
Groinchurn "Stayin' Alive"
Kix "Foolin'"
Zakas "El Chupacabra"
Einstürzende Neubauten "Fur Wen Sind Die Blumen"
Project: Failing Flesh "Count Back from Ten"
Screaming Protest "Institutional Hate"
Spanker "Licky"
Operation- Milksnatch "What Bulbous Flabbergasted Flatulent Afterbirth!"
Sanjuro Fields "Crustatian Migration - Live"
Pica Fierce "Spiral of Violence"
Hyperkrunk "The Devil's Geometries"
Secret Rule "True Friend"
Fred Frees "Old McDonald Had a Farm"
Obsessor "The Demon"
Innsmouth "The Colour Out of Space"
Steel Prophet "Prophecy Upon Us"
Secret Rule "My Doors"
A.D.D. "Nightmare"
Skid Row "Here I Am - Live"
Babylon A.D. "Bang Go the Bells"
Bang Tango "Sweet Little Razor"
Badlands "Dreams in the Dark"
Wildside "Lad in Sin"
Mendeed "Chapel Perilous"
Sprung Monkey "In Spite of It All"
L.A. Guns "Electric Gypsy"
Victory "Never Satisfied"
Dangerous Toys "Scared"
Shark Island "Paris Calling"
Omen "Teeth of the Hydra"
Masi "God Promised a Paradise"

The Movie