January 13, 2019 - Eric's Debut... and a Full House

LEThis night saw the debut of our new co-host Eric, as well as the return of Tony and Greg, both of Radii and Peaches and Crime. Greg had also just gotten back from touring with Tengger Cavalry and had some tour stories for us...

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Agent Steel "The Swarm is Upon Us / Mad Locust Rising"
Legion of the Damned "Warhounds of Hades"
Booze Control "Attack of the Axemen"

Powerwolf "Edge of Thorns"
Anthrax "Soldiers of Metal"
Executioner "Forever 666"
Behemoth "Spellcraft and Heathendom"

Rotting Christ "Fire, God, and Fear"
The Accused "Wrong Side of the Grave"
Schwarzblut "Wutrich"
Merciless "The Land I Used to Walk"

GWAR "The Salamanizer"
Attacker "Diethanasia"
Poltergeist "Behind My Mask"
The Blank Standard "Dump Truck Full of Zombies"

Malice "Sinister Double"
Pounder "We Want the Night"
UDO "Don't Look Back"
Yatra "Black Moon"

Carcass "Cadaveric Incubator of Endo Parasites"
Bolt Thrower "Attack in the Aftermath"
Saor "Forgotten Paths"
Predator "Shrieks of Terror"

Jinjer "Dredful Moments"
Death Angel "Voracious Souls - Live"
Racer-X "Gone Too Far - Live"
Junksista "A Little Naughty"
137 "This is a Fist"

Sacrilege "The Captive"
Tyr "Fire and Flame"
Prestige "Force of My Hate"
Mistveil "Underworld"
Darkthrone "Neptune Towers"

Riot "Thundersteel"
Bergraven "Allt"
Impaler "Imminence of the Final Punishment"
Traveler "Up to You"
Katatonia "Nerve"

Worm Quartet "Coffee"
Galactic Cowboys "A Different Way"
Diabolical "We are Diabolical"
Dead Bolt "Dead Inside"
One-Eyed Doll "Battle On"

Usurper "Prowling Death (The Demigoddess) / Necronemesis"
Last 10 Seconds of Life "Sweet Chin Music"
Dawn "In the Depths of My Soul"
Blodhemn "Det Gjekk Ein Faen"

Axegrinder "War Machine / The Unthinkable"
Totem Obscura "Helden"
Slayer "Darkness of Christ / Disciple / God Send Death"

We Were Giants "Reawakening"
The Ramones "Commando"
Misery Index "The Choir Invisible"
Electric Wizard "Son of Nothing"

Misery Index "Crotchpit"
Intense Degree "There's a Time in Your Life"
Yeruselem "Triiiunity"
Bill Ward "Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)"
Fedrespor "Kunsten av LIV"

Anabasis "Until the Dust Clears"
Scum "Macabre Moors of Morgoth"
Heir Apparent "Dragon's Lair"
Sodom "Jesus Screamer"
Kvist "Ars Manifestia"

Point of View Secondhand "The Calling"
Terra Tenebrosa "Donum Serpentis"
Batushka "Yekteniya VI - Upovanie"

Cemetary "By My Own Hand"