May 16, 2010 - The Dave Show...

Dave hosted the first two hours and forty five minutes of the program, give or take a few minutes, along with EVD and James, because Azkath, Just Joe, and Foul Mouth Girl were away helping out the band Psyche Corporation at The Steam Punk World Fair. The Enforcer was also there for the first two or three talk breaks. Show listings had it's background music from long ago back again, it was from the original "Battlestar Galactica" TV program. Adventures In Listening occurred, Movie Time did also...
- Fire Eater Wizard


Cannibal Corpse "Make Them Suffer"
Dimmu Borgir "Grotesquery Concealed (With Meaningless Magic)"
Devil Wears Prada "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over"
Cannibal Corpse "Vomit The Soul"

Austrian Death Machine "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers"
Japanese Kombat Car "Kamikaze Aliens"
Cradle Of Filth "Thank God For The Suffering"
Amon Amarth "Under the Greyclouded Water Sky"

Thirteen South "From The Inside"
Zimmer's Hole "Anonymous Esophagus"
Hot Buttered Anal "Everything Sucks"
Dethklok "Comet Song"
Dimmu Borgir "Spellbound (By The Devil)"

Amon Amarth "Releasing Surtor's Fire"
All that remains "Erase"
Hate Eternal "Whom Gods May Destroy"
Siebenburgen "Infernalia"

Hemlock "World of the Transparent"
Kataklysm "Blood In Heaven"
Neuraxis "The Thin Line Between"

Acrassicauda "Garden of Stones"
Dethklok "Bloodlines"
Rammstein "Spieluhr"
Martriden "Ascension Part I"
Dimmu Borgir "Unorthodox Manifesto"

Raunchy "Back to the Lighthouse"
Destinity "Thing I Will Never Forget"
Amon Amarth "Guardians Of Asgaard"
Eleuveitie "Kingdom Come Undone"
New Animal "Cortland"

Chasing Daylight "Wasting Away"
Moore "Blood Rage / Anymore"
Black Breath "Children of the Horn"
Vindicator "I Hate People"
Shadows Sanctuary "Hailfyre"

Pandora's Toybox "Evil and Other Pastimes"
Zadoc... and the Nightmare "My Dead Eyes - Live"
Tranquilatwist "Bruise My Soul"
Andra Dare "Forest"
Volumes "Starstruck"
The Dillinger Escape Plan "Parasitic Twins"

The Commander-in-Chief "Battle for the Mind"
Exodus "Burn, Hollywood, Burn"
TV's Kyle "What?"
Evile "Plague to End All Plagues"
Abstrakt Algebra "Stigmata"

The Hsu-Nami "Temple Song"
Gloominous Doom "White Worms from Hell"
Gorefest "Decomposed" (R)
A Band Called Pain "King of Pain"
22nd Century "Nightmare on 6th Avenue"

Ray West "Novocaine"
Attila "Make It Sick"
To Speak of Wolves "You Should have Locked Your Doors Days Ago"
Declare War "Extermination Process"
Krokus "Firestar"

Ratt "A Little Too Much"
Mastermind "Nietzsche"
Fates Warning "Through Different Eyes - Live"
Aeon Zen "Existence"
Axel Rudi Pell "The End of Our Fate"

Slayer "Chemical Warfare" (R)
Lemon Demon "Sexy DVD"
Clandestine "Philistine"
Vindicator "USSA"

Moore "Scarred for Life"
Murderdolls "She was a Teenage Zombie" (R)
Makaras Pen "Sacrifice"
Anacrusis "Idle Hours"

The Movie