May 5, 2019 - No Pants Day along with Dark Reverence and Waking Dream Live in Studio


It was No Pants Day, but only Just Joe and EVD celebrated. Eric also discovers the Giant Hammer. Waking Dream from NYC perform, or 1 of the 2 members, at least, and Dark Reverence from New Jersey also play, in alernating sets. Both are Goth bands who were preparing for a NE Tour. We also did a Tribute to the late Will Price. Will was a regular around the Ithaca music scene back in the 90's before moving to Atlanta. He passed away very suddenly. He was also one of the first people / bands that Seriah had on the show back in 1994 shortly after starting.

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Unleashed "Where No Life Dwells / Dead Forever / Before the Creation of Time"
D-A-D "Burning Stars"
Anacrusis "Dream Again"

Warsenal "Stab You One by One"
Fatal Curse "Priestess of Fire"
Grim Reaper "Lay It on the Line"
Genus Ordinis Dei "Nemesis"

** Tribute to Will Price **
Boiler "Hit the Ground / Roswall"
Muckraker "Big Box"
Long Claw "March of the Trolls"

Belzebulbs "Nam Gloria Lucifer"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Suffer the Masses"
Summoners Circle "Worm Tunnel"
WASP "Little Death"

The Rods "Louder than Loud"
Fields of the Nephilim "The Tower"
Zaum "Pantheon"
Heathen "Pray for Death"

Barbarian "Hope Annihilator"
Queensryche "Revolution Calling"
NYT LYV "Foridens Task"
Overkill "Bastard Nation - Live"

Waking Dream Live in Studio
* The Meadow
* Unlikely Allies

Dark Reverence Live in Studio
• Beast Within
• Cleaver

Anacrusis "I Love the World"

Waking Dream / Dark Reverence Interview

Power from Hell "Nocturnal Desire"
Keel "The Final Frontier"
Ravenshire "Gabriel Lies Sleeping"
Pestilence "Multiple Beings"

Waking Dream Live in Studio
• Meet Makers Men

Dark Reverence Live in Studio
• Pernicious Deeds

Victory "Always the Same"
Charetta "I'm Not Your Bitch"
Psyche Corporation "It's All Pretend"
Ripped into Shreds "Nine Familial Exterminations"

Waking Dream / Dark Reverence Interview

Warsenal "Nightstalker"
Fury "Angels over Berlin"
Onslaught "Metal Forces"
Dead by Wednesday "Smelling Salts"

Waking Dream Live in Studio
• In the Garden

Dark Reverence Live in Studio
• Master of the Dark Arts

Meshuggah "Paralyzing Ignorance"
Novarupta "Tumskruvar"
Cannibal Corpse "Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains"
Prong "Prove You Wrong (Fuzzbuster Mix)"

Waking Dream / Dark Reverence Interview

Embrace of Disharmony "De Motv Primordiovm Rervm"
Desaster "Devil's Sword"
Snogg "Stream of Blood"
Iced Earth "Stormrider"

** Fidget's Revenge **
Wargasm "Sudden Death"
The Accused "Devil Woman"
Noisem "Trail of Perturbation"
Bathory "Call from the Grave"

Bathory "Immaculate Pinetreeroad #930"
Scythe for Sore Eyes "Never Like You"
Kollaps "Fleshflower"
Gladenfold "The Forsaken"
Axel Rudi Pell "Fighting the Law"
Nereis "The Wave"

UFO "Lights Out"
Avenger "Battlefield"
Holy Moses "World Chaos"
Scourge of the Iron Beast "Hate Manifesto"

Stratovarius "Black Diamond"
Fastway "Say What You Will"
Queensryche "The Needle Lies"

WASP "The Horror"



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