March 15, 2015 - Old Friends and New Friends...

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This show actually marked one year that we have been in our new studio. Doesn't seem like it's been that long already. Anyways, we were supposed to have The Pushrods live on this show, but only Dano Voodie, their bass player, showed up. Great seeing Dano again, though, it's been years since he has been in studio. Dano is also in Recycled Zombies, and a few other bands. Previously he's played for Others and Punch Drunk Monkeys with Crappy the Clown, who was also present this night, in his alter ego, Mr. Linda. Jimmy Evans of Hollow Bodies also came up with Dano, and we got to hear some fun stories from both. Olivia and Tim of Undead Messengers were with us, and EVD. Quite the fun night. Also aired the Karyn Crisis interview that I conducted a few days before. It was long, so I broke it into 2 parts. It is also available in one piece without music in the interview section. Besides that we played lots of good music, new and old, and a exclusive old school set at the end for internet listeners (The show started really late this night due to Where Did the Road Go? running way over). Also, a couple songs got repeated, too much going on and some techincal issues. This wasn't noticed till after the fact. Ah well.

- Seriah



Evil Invaders "Fast, Loud, and Rude"
Viper Solfa "Carving an Icon / Funeral of Kings"
Sorcerer "Sumerian Script"

Impelliteri "Empire of Lies"
Ranger "Deadly Feast"
Acid Witch "Soldiers of the Night"
Ancient Rites "Mind Unconquered"

Nightwish "Shudder Before the Beautiful"
The Agony "Irreversible Mechanism"
Seagrave "Down with the Wolves"
Kylesa "Black Coffee"

Anthrax "Soror Irrumator"
2cellos "Thunderstruck"
We are Harlot "Dancing on Nails"
Starsick System "Believe"

Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Ancient Ways"
Karyn Crisis Interview
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Pillars"

Impalers "God from the Machine"
Infesting Storm "Ending"
Magic Kingdom "Savage Requiem"
Segression "Killing Kingdom"

Hollow Bodies "Blood Feast"
Impalers "God from the Machine"
Infesting Swarm "Ending"

Finsterforst "Abfahrt / Schicksal's End"
Making Fuck "Hopeful Godless I"

Melechech "The Pendulum Speaks"
Faun "Walpurgisnacht"
Morgoth "Nemesis"
Undead Messengers "Venom - Live"

Spook the Horses "Footfall"
Anal Vomit "Valle de Tiniblas"
Santa Cruz "Bonafide Heroes"
Stever "Blackguard"

Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "Aradia"
Karyn Crisis Interview
Karyn Crisis' Gospel of the Witches "The Secret"

Huntress "Starbound Beast"
Secret Rule "The Sin"

Crisis "Working Out the Graves"
Guttersluts "December"
Rough Cutt "Cutt Your Heart Out"
Biohazard 'Wrong Side of the Tracks"

Laaz Rockit "Say Goodbye M.F."
The Purrs "Hellish Nightmare"
Talas "Shy Boy - Live"
Worm Quartet "Vampire Penguins"

Miranda Sex Garden "Peep Show"
Mind at Large "Lunkhead"
Wargasm "Spirit in Decay"
Motorhead "Born to Raise Hell - Live with Michael Monroe"

Hitman "Mercy"

Dr. Know "War Theater"
Mordred "Shatter"
Sacred Child "Chariots of Fire"
Twilight Odyssey "The Endless Days of a Stranger"
Vendetta "On the Road"

Vio-Lence "Bodies on Bodies"